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He becomes contrite and performer

The driver of the cycle announced on the air that he took responsibility for the dismissal, at the same time that he assured that he was worried about the health of the team member. However, Cabito made a strong rebuke in his speech.

You think it's just …

"It would be easier for me to talk, but I prefer, out of respect, to remain so." I did not speak, Matthias said, and I just want to respond to what he said, but without conflicts and without fighting, ”he said in an interview with Nation

enough of everything.

When he was asked about the statement of the driver about taking care of his health, he replied: “I don’t know what someone is saying, did he come to the sanatorium … What should I worry about? (…) I go out to talk, because I do not agree with who is the victim of the situation in which he is the performer".

Then it was more acute than Martin’s first attempt to remove him from the program before the gastric bypass surgery. "If you are kicked out of the workplace because of your health, there is something that is broken. And I think that this is what we could not achieve, ”he thought.

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“Sticks” for Martin are also associated with differences in salary. “The salary differences are terrible. I am renting my house so you can get an idea and I do not have apartments in Miami "he thought.

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“It seems to me unfair (that they pulled him out). They took responsibility for the situation for which I am not responsible, I thinkBut this is due to what we don’t say, something internal, ”he said, implying that reducing the success of the cycle (another question that he mentioned) does not have to be strictly his.

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