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He attacked the employee because he could not recall the parcel

December 31, 2018

The young man jumped over the counter to hit the manager, realizing that the delivery service was over.


at Silver, young went to take off instructs to Bus stationand, realizing that the delivery service had finished, gave him severe beating of an employee who was present at the counter. The event was recorded by local security cameras and happened over the weekend at the box office of the Platabus company, which operates in the terminal located on 4 and 42 streets.

Young man jump over the counter and chases the employee from inside the office until he is cornered and smacks with his fists, as seen in the images.

Witnesses to the incident told local media that the man was furious when he was informed that the sending schedulewho is in charge of another company finishedslogan horn,

I had to take off one instructs what he was sent from a resort town Pinamaras was known.

Before a terrible reaction, a woman waiting for her presence ran away in horror. In the same time, another customer asked for help from an employee and they ran away. For his part, the aggressor, who at that moment was completely uncontrollable, checked the office papers in search of his package.

Fact caused excitement among the staff that in those hours he worked in the Terminal.

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