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Harley-Davidson for his electric motorcycle due to charging problems

Photo: Harley davidson

Harley-Davidson temporarily interrupted the production and distribution of LiveWire, his first electric motorcycle. The reason that the information Wall street journalis that the motorcycle gives problems with charging when connected to low voltage plugs.

CompanyHe made a statement on this subject, but avoid mentioning exactly what happens when you try to charge a motorcycle with a low-voltage home plug, like the one we can have in our garage. The statement said:

We recently discovered abnormal conditions during the final quality control, so we stopped production and delivery and began to conduct more tests and analyzes that are progressing properly. We continue Close contact with our dealers and customers, and we assured them that they can continue to build LiveWire.

Photo: Harley davidson

In additional statements for WSJ, Harley says that LiveWire is still completely safe, but has asked its owners to use the chargers available at official dealerships. LiveWire debuted in 2014 as a simple prototype, but Harley Davidson did not have it ready for production until November 2018, and the first units began to reach their owners in September of this year.

LiveWire is part of the company's strategy to attract a younger audience, especially environmental awareness. The motorcycle costs almost 3$ 0,000 and the most expensive electric to date. However, motorcycle performance is consistent with experts They tried it well. We hope that this will be nothing more than an indirect obstacle to the adventures of the company with electric motorcycles.[[[[Wall street journal across Facets]

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