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Halperin, President of Mercado Libre: “It’s very difficult to create jobs here in Argentina, five jobs are five problems”

No news Halperin returned to talk about one of the problems, which seems to show it: a complex pattern of labor in Argentina. But this time it was not publicly, but in a personal chat with employees of Onapsis, a successful Argentine startup, of which he is an investor. That is why, perhaps, his words sounded more rude.

"Here in Argentina, creating jobs is very difficult because of an employment relationship. Five jobs are five problems, and 100 jobs are 100 problems, so no one wants to hire people, ”said a businessman in an audio recording that broadcasts the“ Missed things, radio with you ”program.

In addition, in a brief audio recording that turned out, Halperin makes reference to the questions of capitalist democracy and authoritarianism that have become in the United States, something that is evaluated as ultimately necessary. "Capitalist democracy is rather doubtful, it is not very good. In the United States, recontraction is going well, but it has become quite authoritarian, and this may be necessary. I believe that the world of consensus does not work when you are a democracy, and you must pass the exam every two years and negotiate against an authoritarian system that should not pass the exams."he said.

From Mercado Libre confirmed that this is an employer and that the conversation took place this week, after opening on Monday. "It was an internal event with Onapsis employees. Total from the context of the conversation left one hour"they added. The commentary concerns the current legal framework and the context of the country, not the staffThey clarified that from the beginning of 2018 they hired 2,200 people in Argentina, which is only 4,700 people in the field and 7,500 people in the whole region.

On Monday, Halperin got acquainted with the history of his company, and Macri told him that Mercado Libre "is a demonstration of the achieved success, as well as of what is coming."

At the end of last year, in an interview with CNN, he also spoke about the working context. “If we do not reform our labor system, it will be very difficult to move forward.”he said Marcelo Longobardi,

“EIn the medium term, if we do not reform our labor framework, not only trade unions, it will be very difficult to get ahead. Argentina does not create formal employment decades ago“According to him, this time on television.

"The Argentine labor system is terribly outdated. This was done for the country 100 years ago. It protects industrial age jobs, which are repetitive jobs that will replace robots and machines, and protects them so much that it does not allow them to create new jobs. Worse, neighboring countries and commercial partners have completely modern working conditions. When an investor decides where to place his factory in Brazil, Argentina or Chile, and compares these schemes, we have very few chances to win this competition."he warned.

Like Macri and now the candidate for vice-president of the ruling party, Miguel PicchettoHalperin is the protector and initiator of labor reform in Argentina. Some of the structural reforms that the next government asks for the next government and which the founder of Mercado Libre is a member of AEA, Endeavor and other red circle scenarios.

In November 2017, a businessman raised a historic underground profile to ask on Twitter: “Looking at the Brazilian labor reform, Argentina can 1) imitate it 2) leave Mercosur 3) accept the loss of millions of jobs in Brazil.”

This was not his only argument on Twitter. A year later, at the height of the currency crisis, a video spread in which he recalled that "when I started, my salary was fifth in the list of priorities, and it was not good for me." Then he added that "I would tell them that if their salary really is their priority, and they are upset that the increase was 5% instead of 6% or 8% … then Mercado Libre is not the place for you".

The criticism began to rain, and he defended himself, including in social networks: he spoke of malicious editing and said that his company had increased the salaries of its developers by 28-30%, “above the market”.

Last August, he tweeted: “Like all the recessions and crises we have experienced in the last 40 years, if you have to live another one, once and for all, put an end to corruption and impunity in Argentina: welcome,” he wrote on Twitter this morning a few minutes before 9. "He later deleted it, and his relatives talked about" misinterpretation. "

A few weeks ago, he intersected with Juan Grabuawhich assured that the company “Smuggling, evasion, financial speculation, consumer abuse and unfair competition”“His“ success ”is the destruction of thousands of jobs, Macri made them multimillionaires at your expense,” the leader added. Christina Kirchner,

Halperin did not respond to a dispute that lasted for several days, he only wrote on Twitter: "It is a pity that it is tragic, it should be just ridiculous."

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