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Government updates plan Now 12 to April 2019

As a measure of stimulating consumption, The government has announced that it will retain the current Now 12 plan, which allows you to pay by credit card at 3, 6, 12 and 18 installments until April 2019.,

Achieved product range thursday to sunday for these payment plans include: clothing, footwear and leather goods, materials and tools for construction, furniture, bicycles, motorcycles, tourism and mattresses, among others.

Earlier in the Production and Workforce portfolio it was reported that during this summer season, rent for tents and umbrellas in the spas of the coast of Buenosyre can be paid by credit card in 3 and 6 installments.

In addition, both Banco Ciudad as a province and a nation announced a series of discounts up to 50% for items such as hotels, resorts, gastronomy, shows, fuel, car service, clothing and grocery stores on the Atlantic coast.

Program Now 12 started in 2014 and according to the Ministry of Internal Trade more than 339 million US dollars from sales through the program have already been accumulatedThis measure is one of the few government policies that have been maintained after the change of leadership.

The summer season is expected to help increase domestic consumption. Especially when you consider that as a result of the increase in the number of trips abroad, there will be a lot of domestic tourism. cumulative devaluation of 107% in 2018,

A hit on the pocket throughout the year was one of the main reasons why it was decided to keep the quota plan active, since most of the products currently presented 12 are imported or come from the food industry, which comes from the government. They understand that they were one of the hardest hit by a drop in consumption.

The latest data on Christmas sales, published by the Argentine Chamber of Medium-sized Enterprises (CAME), showed a drop of 9% compared with last year.

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