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Gonzalo Higuain defended himself a lot against the charge of “mercenarism” – 01/29/2009

Gonzalo Higuain coexists with criticism, continuing to add references to a phenomenal sports career. Now from London, his new city after his recent arrival in Chelsea, he responded to those who questioned his performance in Milan and his departure in search of a new challenge.

“If they talk badly about you, be proud, because it means that your life is more important than yours,” he said. Pipita download it on your Instagram account.

Although the Argentine striker did not point to any specific criticism his defense seems to indicate ill-treatment of the Minister of the Interior of Italy, who called Higuain a “mercenary”.

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“I'm happy that Higuain left, I hope that we will never see him again in Milan, because he honestly behaves unworthily,” said Matteo Salvini, head of the Italian extreme right, in an interview with radio RTL 102.5.

In Italy, they were disappointed because Higuain did not perform as expected in Milan: the Argentinian arrived at the last passing market when he lost to Juventus because of the brilliant arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

But he was not able to get on the set Rossoneri: he scored 6 goals in 15 games, and his performance did not reach the levels he showed in Naples or Juve,

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Then Pipita He was looking for a new direction. And there was an opportunity to jump into the Premier League, which has not yet played the league, seduced by another giant of the continent: Chelsea, led by an old attacker friend, DT Maurizio Sarri.

“When you don’t get involved with anyone, concentrate on your things and achieve certain achievements, it seems that some people are upset, and in this quest to get what you have or have, away from work and strive to get it.” , struggling to talk badly about the rest, "Higuain defended himself, with a lot of class.

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