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G20 Summit: hospitals on red alert, with reserved beds and delayed operations – 11/28/2018

Booked beds with intensive therapy. operations scheduled for this week will not be performed. Services security they have appointed backup teams consisting of doctors and technicians who, on call, will have up to one hour to say the present and start working. These days hospitals they think more by color –red and yellow– that by their names or specialties, and many of the City and some provinces are in a state of alarm. The reason is that G20 summit.

"We work with conflict hypothesis“The concept is probably unfortunate because it is too belligerent, but which consists in preparing for an event that causes many victims,” he explains. horn doctor Children's Hospital Ricardo Gutierrezwho asks to reserve his name. He is not worried. He says it speculationthat in medicine it is convenient to exaggerate and that it is better to prepare for an event that is unlikely to happen than not to do it.

Since the weekend, in Gutierrez, operations requiring postoperative intensive care have been suspended. The solution began with Buenos Aires Ministry of Health that during the summit he requires a pediatric hospital, and another seven medical institutions of the city, the largest number of empty seats in critical and intermediate areas.

In addition, in the process of adaptation, the authorities of Gutierrez adapted cardiovascular therapy for the treatment of patients of any type and created a unit that supports the simultaneous input of dozens of wounded, red, yellow and green sectors for the distribution of patients, depending on their severity.

“G20 is a special event in which there may be chemical incidents, toxic fumes, pepper spray, various scenarios that force us to have a detoxification zone that is already provided for,” the doctor adds. Both he and other specialists from community centers participated in: G20 Summit in Hamburg, GermanyThis happened last year, and it was one of the most cruel encounters. It included 100,000 protesters, 186 detainees, 225 temporary arrests and 400 wounded police officers.

In the city of Buenos Aires, the hospital is in red alert for the summit Argerich, Fernandez, Santoianni, Kemados, Santa Lucia, Gutierrez, Piroano and Thornu. In the latter, in its entrance on the Malvinas' warships at Hour Park, the passage in the car is restricted. "It does not saturate the parking lot and allow a helicopter to take off or landsays the hospital doctor.

Thornu Hospital. The G20 summit was affected by this operation. It has a heliport, and in one of its revenues transit is already limited.

Thornu Hospital. The G20 summit was affected by this operation. It has a heliport, and in one of its revenues transit is already limited.

He has over 25 years of service and remembers similar drugs during Bill Clinton's visit to Buenos Aires in 1997“The difference is that he was president, and now there are 19 of them,” he says, and clarifies that the preparation is still taking place. increase staffing and increase the concentration of attention of the critical area by 20%. He defines: "This is preventive planning to respond in case of an emergency."

In recent weeks, when doctors, nurses and technicians were notified of changes in medical care, social networks and WhatsApp, they served as sensing.

The first document that became a virus was a standard issued by the director of the city hospital, which suspended regular licenses, participation in conferences, conferences and symposiaas a way to collect the largest number of employees in previous days, while the G20 is being developed. At the same time, requirements for all medical centers were requested. free up the beds and make them available for protection. Also, come and play audio. Some, like the alleged nurse at Udaondo Hospital, who urged not to leave home during the summit and said that "it was assumed that there would be 1,500 dead." The sound has no reason.

But besides fake content, WhatsApp and Twitter also work with a channel in which the same doctors discuss the framework. "Working with the hypothesis of conflict",

Not all institutions allow cases of high complexity or equal in resources, infrastructure and equipment. "Some hospitals are not able to absorb the disaster. Many of them“There is no thread of seams here,” complains the service manager at the Durant Hospital, which is on a yellow alert, and in Pirovan also complain.

“A year ago we know about the G20, but recently in the last few days they started telling me:“ Look, if you need to strengthen ”, it does not exist, how it got there, no metro, no trains, some buses and the city of Big part of it is closed, ”says the duty doctor.

In Pirovano, an emergency committee was created, but the organization did not consider it right: “A few months ago we had to rearm the guards and decide who would come, now they didn’t even call technicians, and without them, they cannot use operating theaters,” "The idea of ​​strengthening staff sounds good, but in practice, this does not apply. "

Dr. Alejandro García Escudero, one of the hospital managers El Cruz, Florencio Varela, Dissenters. “We are in conditions, we have personnel, medicines, prostheses, disposable materials, orthopedic devices,” he says. Due to the proximity of the hospital of Buenos Aires to the capital, in order to have a heliport and be a center of high complexity, he joined the roster. It works under a yellow warning.

“This designation means that the security officers, like other doctors and technicians, become redundant,” says Garcia Escudero, “so that in the event of an event they are called, they come quickly and they turn to attention. happen but just in case there is preventive logistics ",

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