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G20 Summit: Canadian expert who held 12 meetings in Puerto Madero, attacked – 11/28/2018

Canadian John Kirtonperhaps the most famous connoisseur G20, with numerous academic and journalistic materials on the subject, was attacked and beaten in Puerto Madero, a few meters from Amusement Park, before the start of the summit in Buenos Aires.

His belongings were forcibly stolen at the intersection of Laval and Madero, very close to the place where the buses go to different stages G20 Summit,

“After 31 G7 summits, 12 G20 summits and one of the BRICS from 1988, my host’s luck and safety are finally over, don’t cry for me, shout about Argentina,” Kirton tweeted a lot of irony and a little indignation, while Argentine authorities demonstrate an excellent demonstration of security.

“I was walking with two colleagues when two young people attacked me, journalists who visit Buenos Aires at the G-20 summit should not travel alone or trust the local police to keep them safe,” Kirton insisted .

According to the news agency ANSA, Kirton called for "take precautions."

For the G20, the city will actually be armored, with a mega-security operation in which there will be more than 22,000 troops.

The meeting of heads of state will take place on November 30 and December 1 in Buenos Aires with a limited edition and numerous blockades.

Security Minister Patricia Bulrich called the operation “powerful, strong and adequate”; while Hernan Lombardi, coordinator of the G20 Technical Department, said that at the summit "we are demonstrating great organizational potential."

A warning was issued last weekend at the Australian authorities when strong fans prevented the development of local football classics between the River Plate and Boca Juniors, the expected end of Copa Libertadores, which was supposed to be suspended due to the aggression of the players, which showed serious security flaws.

Kirton is a political science professor and director and co-founder of the G7 research group, co-director (with Alan Alexandrov and Donald Bray) and founder of the G20 research group, founder and co-director (with James Orbinski) of the Global Health Diplomacy Program and founder and co-founder of the BRICS Research Group, all of which located at the University of Trinity's School of Global Issues at the University of Trinity College at the University of Toronto, Canada.

From 2016, he was interim director of the International Relations Program at the same university. Academician came to Buenos Aires to learn the meetings and decisions of the G20.

Source ANSA.

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