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Fortnite was the "culprit" of failure in FaceTime video calls

A few hours ago we told you that severe security failure on Apple computers allowed to see and listen to other users before they answer the call in FacetimeAfter reports (included this tweet from the founder of Twitter), Apple acknowledged the error and temporarily disabled the video call application. As we will see next, Apple could have responded well before,

In the midst of the confusion over this security breach, The wall street journal showed that mistake was discovered more than a week ago by a player Fortnite: Royal RumbleThe American publication notes that the user warned Apple, but did not receive any answers.

For the "fault" Fortnita

Grant Thompson is 14 years old. She is a user of Apple equipment, as well as a Fortnite player, a fashionable video game. According to the report, this teenager, who lives in Arizona, USA, discovered an error in FaceTime on January 20, almost ten days before the violation was revealed and measures taken by a California company.

“My daughter found a security hole in the new iOS,” said Grant’s mom on Twitter.

Now, What “blame” does Epic Games bear? Grant created a group in FaceTime to chat with his friends in a game in Fortnite. After finding mistake, the teenager and her mother tried to communicate with Apple, but they were unsuccessful. There was even a Facebook post (currently unavailable) in which the mother says that because of this discovery, her daughter wants to receive the company's products as compensation.

This error affects all computers running iOS 12.1 or later. It is expected that Apple will release an update with a patch for hacking. Meanwhile, the manufacturer advises disable facetime,

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