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Forest fire in Cordoba: some bulbs were restored, and firefighters evacuated families

Anxiety and anxiety resumed in different parts of the province of Cordoba after the resumption of forest fires and families forced to evacuate. According to the government ministry significant forest fire was recorded in the city of Villa Kura Broshero, in the valley of Traslaserra. To this is added one more direction, which is developing in Salsakat, where the evacuees are located.

Four fire barracks fighting a fire of about 600 meterswith the support of a hydrant aircraft, which supports from the air in the La Gloria region, in the vicinity of the Villa Cura Broshero, where there were neither evacuated nor the risk of housing damage.

AT In the area of ​​Tuning Tunnels in Salsakat, residents of about ten houses were evacuated as a preventative Strong winds and high temperatures, which exceeded 32 degrees in the afternoon, complicated the situation. and the work of the troops is detailed by the provincial portfolio ..

Meanwhile orTro Hydrant is involved in cooling tasks in Mina Clavero, and foci that were recorded in Bialeta Massa and Alta Gracia were also discovered.

Deployment of firefighters and staff of the Provincial Fire Management Plan also includes more 150 troops are working to keep the fire on hold in a fire that has been recorded since Thursday between La Cumbre and Villa Giardino (Punilla Valley).

Secretary of the Climate Risk and Disaster Management of Cordoba, Claudio Vignette said that the situation at Villa Giardino "is much better than yesterday, and on Friday the fire is officially controlled by 60%."

On the other hand, Vignette assured that at this time there is no risk in homes and only 90 out of 90 evacuated that they registered last night and explained that they had no officially reported damage to private homes, and that they had not seen houses damaged by a fire while extinguishing them.

In addition to appropriations from barracks throughout the province, There are six hydrant aircraft that work together to release water in the hottest areas.

“Nothing will come of it alone,” Vinietta said, pointing out that weather conditions are unfavorable for firefighters, as long droughts in this sector add to the wind that is expected today:

“On Monday night or Tuesday at dawn there may be some moisture”said the secretary, although he said that it would not be enough to put out the fire.

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