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For River and Boca to play in Madrid, Grondón had to be killed: he would never allow it

This note is about a "hypothesis" (assumption). And he will find in many points of his development the meaning of a “thesis” (theoretical opinion, supported by reasoning).

if a Julio Grondona not dead, the initial node of this madness, that is, the relationship between mouth and river This would be avoided. Let's look at three prerequisites:

one) An unsuccessful meeting on May 14, 2015 would not have passed at any table of Konmebola because the president of AFA – from the place where he was and in any way – would have ordered Judge Dario Herrere and recommended to the presidents of both clubs that the second time – disappointed with “pepper spray” and the result from 0 to 0 – should to be completed yes or yes that night or in the following hours, still being “behind closed doors”, but to settle this in the field;

2) I would ask the person responsible for the security of this event and Konmebola officials to exclude from the Bombonera playing field any person who was not a party, and especially those who were associated with other interests, such as Alejandro Burzaco – at that time Tournament CEO – Grondona knew better than anyone that Burzaco was "the leader in the shadows of the River" and often had to end his passion,

3 °) Would consult with both presidents (Daniel Angelichi and Rodolfo D Оно Onofrio) by phone, via Skype or via video link to ask them to continue the game after the affected players of the River were found under one slogan: "No earning a living or wanting to take advantage, points are earned on the court."

This premise would save the political price that Konmebol suffered in front of Daniel Angelici before the “Boc world” (chaired by Juan Angela Napouta) to win the game for the River in record time, without the right to defense or evidence.

This decision gave rise to a great distance in this pitiful institutional confrontation between Boca and River.,

Worse, Daniel Angelici’s political reaction was to create the South American Club League, which was introduced on July 19, 2016 Alejandro Dominguez, with whom 31 people ran across – Inependiente and San Lorenzo, was ready to break up with Konmebol – already chaired on January 26, 2016.

An example, only one of the dozens that support this point of action of this AFA, was what happened between Hurricane de Corrientes and River Plate on November 13, 1996. At that time, Hurricane and River tied 1-1 and at that time correntinos marked their second goal (Sorin v.), The object wounded goalkeeper Roberto Bonano River Plate in the head. Referee Javier Castrilly confirmed the goal, but Bonano could not continue the game due to obvious physical inferiority, and the match was suspended without resuming the game from the middle of the field.

This season, River, led by Ramon Diaz, became the champion, went to Tokyo, played the final of the Intercontinental Cup (0: 1) with Juventus and the return of the AFA Disciplinary Court, the world paradigm of meaning, content and the quality of its regulation made him play a second time. This happened 38 days after the unsuccessful event — December 21, 1996, with a break in the season and on all campuses on vacation — and 1: 1 remained.

By distorting the first episode of 2015, the following events related to the latest Cop Copa Libertadores will result in futile transit.However, the hypothesis game imposes this, and therefore we will have to continue to imagine what the then AFA president would do. Let's get a look:

but) – Grondona would not allow the day of the draw of the 2018 Liberty Cup (December 20, 2017 in Asuncion) to hold a match that would allow to hold the final between the two teams of the AFA; his position was always that two semi-finals passed the maximum in the semi-final. He said that "the final between ours will always bring problems …"I was not mistaken.

b) – He would be against var. It says: "Technology in football is like a revolver, the devil is loading …",

c) – He would accompany the presidents of the participating clubs to the draw with messages from his general manager about the availability of dates that the AFA official tournament would not try and the recommendations of his legal department director, who was a professor, teacher with great experience and excellent Dr. Mario Schmoisman's reputation is with observations of the rules of the Cup.

d.) – Article 18 of the Cup Regulations, which provided for a “third country” in the event of an extreme emergency, would hardly have gone unnoticed by AFA officials or advisors. This item is legally established for cases of natural disasters, emerging social conditions or political situations that do not guarantee civilian guarantees. But in no case do they relate to a situation similar to that which occurred in the river.

e.) – Warned that Grondona, at the request of a prestigious lawyer, expert managers (who, fortunately, are) and regulators, would probably ask for a priori specifications on this issue. Who would say, and who would then take over the headquarters in Europe or Asia for the final of the Libertadores de América Cup? Not.

The sum of these absurdities, which could well have been foreseen when observed by experienced leaders, is only part of the unacceptable stupidity that left cup full of irregularitiesAnd that is why he had to declare himself abandoned.

Incorrectly qualified players (Bruno Tsukulini, from Rivera), among others, among others unfairly disabled (Carlos Sanchez, from Santos). Also unusual are the decisions of the single-person disciplinary unit (Amarilis Belisario) regarding the serious case of the expulsion of Dede (Cruzeiro). The Brazilian defender was punished by Judge Eber Aquino with a red card after he broke his jaw Esteban Andrade (September 19 in Boca), and was illegally qualified in a rematch in Belo Horizonte.

Faced with such a scandal, Don Julio would not have become a passive observer, In none of the cases, but especially in two of them: in the case of Anderson Vital Da Silva (Dede), because a blatant violation of FIFA’s own rules, which states that if a player is excluded, at least one date must be removed from office, because that “the decision of the referee is final (unchanged)”, as well as in the pursuit of police and slander against Gallardo in the River locker room, while he executed the exaggerated punishment imposed by the court, rented and, therefore, dependent.

Advancement in the hypothesis without more support than that of perception, and already before the fact of the Boca River finalists, this is what Grondona would not allow:

1.- I would never admit that Boca and River played on Saturday 10 and 24 November 2018, as announced on November 1, 2018 in Asuncion. AFA match days were “sacred” for Grondona, Boca and River were to play on Wednesdays 14 and 28 Novemberbecause in the middle of the week was the FIFA date.

2. On Saturday the 10th, when he saw rain from any window of his house, he would order to suspend the game until 11am so that the crowd would not get into La Boca.

3.- The first meeting would not take place on Sunday, November 11, since on that day they played Independiente-Belgrano at 13:00; Banfield-Lanus at 15, and racing gymnastics at 7:00 pm. The AFA of that time would never have shown such disrespect for their affiliated clubs. That's why It was a very good complaint about the Super League, which was ignored by Konmebol before the AFA was absent again.

4.- Before the rematch, given the presence of FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Konmebola Alejandro Dominguez, AFA would take two actions: a) meeting with the head of the AFA security service to report on the conditions of the operation on behalf of the relevant authorities, in addition to contacting the police , the strength that AFA recognizes the domain and experience on the street, and b) AFA public relations operations to be undertaken. Contact your river peers and find out how, where and when Infantino and Dominguez will arrive, and who will receive them itsialno. Of course, it will come to visit on the beach Uda-Dondo, until it reaches them to the box along the inner ring. Thus, as happened in previous cases, important foreign leaders would be protected from any unpleasant contact with people who were overwhelmed, became reprehensible subjects, which, unfortunately, happened.

5.- Suspending the game, Julio Grondona would be in the forefront of the situation before Konmebola in his capacity as president of the institution to which the participating clubs belong, without allowing both presidents to deepen any personal confrontation; the question of holding a meeting, possible sanctions on the river from the pedrea to the Boca omnibus in "adjacent areas" and the appointment of headquarters for the second and last meeting between the river and Boca will become an AFA problem, and this will include the invalidity of any "agreement ”Between the parties, and Boca’s intention to appear before TAS. AFA will put the problem on its shoulders until it finds an alternative that preserves the river and the Boca from wear.

6.- This Sunday, several despicable people attacked Dominguez and Infantino, accompanied by AFA’s current president, Claudio Tapia, who incredibly arrived at River’s internal parking lot, and no one from the club’s security department accepted them. Then they went alone and bared themselves under San Martin Alta, where they were offended. It was clear that this – someday – would have consequences, because these victims left for themselves a useless privilege that gives an incorrectly interpreted power: an “exemplary” sanction. Unfortunately, this happened and so quickly enabled Conmebol to “discipline”, as it happens with various federations and in accordance with FIFA. For a leader like Grondona, this circumstance would not have escaped him. And that night, after a public apology, he would start alliances with other federations, associations or leagues of the continent in order to get support and not allow the transcendental, fundamental and historical party to leave his country and go abroad. I would say something like this: “Listen, if we allow it today with Argentina, tomorrow they will take your classics, and it will be a shame for you, your leadership and humiliation for your country …”

7. In no way would Julio Grondona admit that the Conmebol Disciplinary Tribunal, consisting of Eduardo Gross Brown from Paraguay, Amarilis Belisario from Venezuela and Cristobal Valdés from Chile, confirmed its decision “on demand” (November 29, 2018) to the Conmebol decision to postpone the meeting abroad, as expected by Alejandro Dominguez two days before (November 27, 2018) and publicly anticipated at a press conference a few hours before the verdict is delivered – a real shame.

The end is open because an actor of fiction can impose FIFA that this whole absurdity is impossible.

Anyone who knew something about Julio Grondone knows that Boca and River completed the second half of 2015 at La Boca and that the 2018 final was played in Argentina.– almost certainly in the river – otherwise they would never have played

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