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First lady meeting at Villa Ocampo: how was a sumptuous lunch in Beccara

The location of one of the residences of the Argentine writer Victoria Ocampo, in the city of Bekkar, north of Greater Buenos Aires, was the location chosen for the first of the events provided for the companions of the leaders who arrived in Argentina for the G20 summit.

Mistress on the occasion became the first lady from Argentina, Juliana avadawho started the call after the protocol "Accompanying program" of the meeting.

With streets trimmed down, the area, which is usually quiet and surrounded by trees and nature, has been completely redesigned by a powerful security operation. Even at some point in the hours before the meal, we need to hear something reggiton background, which came from one of the neighboring residences.

In the first hours of the morning, various guests, small groups and even a group of grenadiers arrived to participate in the event.

The last to arrive were the delegations of the United States and France, which, finally, were also part of the meeting.

According to the organization, each first lady or partner had permission to attend up to three associates.

Surrounded by extensive gardens, the first ladies entered a house built in 1891, now transformed into a museum, where they were received by the wife, Mauricio Macri.

Smiling, Avada welcomed the guests, as well as the photographers who were present, whom he especially thanked for going to Beccar to cover this activity, which he called "very important for Argentina."

Following the provisions of the protocol, the guests set up for a traditional family photo with the eclectic facade of the palace in the background.

Immediately after Melania Trump soon left with everyone for photographers, he left the residence.

Passing through the gardens, the first ladies went inside and toured each of the halls of the mansion, which preserve the spirit of one of the most important intellectuals in Argentina.

Prestigious Argentine chef Francis Malmann He entertained the first ladies with an exquisite menu consisting of humites from the north of Argentina, a salad from a fusion of the spider-crab, hak.

Dessert: a bottle and pancakes with dulche de leshem.

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