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Federer talked about his departure to tennis

Race Roger Federer at tennis There seems to be no end, at least in the short term. Is this the fact that at the back of 37 years, the Swiss maintains an excellent level of discipline, which leads us to think that the Fed can still give this sport. A few hours after debuting on 2019 Hopman Cup (his competitor was Cameron Norrie at the night session of the competition), Helvist gave an interview and let him know that while he was not thinking about leaving tennis.

Firstly, the Swiss, in dialogue with the official website of the above-mentioned competition, praised the tournament organizers: “I hope that this competition will again mark the beginning of a great season, the two years I spent here. The results were fantastic throughout the year, the truth is that I can’t imagine a better competition environment, I feel very comfortable these days, I am pleased with how things are going. ”

Like all his colleagues on the track, the Swiss team gave up the days that he had to rest in order to recover from the game in which he played the main roles throughout the season. "I had a great vacation, I was able to spend time with my family and relax, and I overcame the discomfort that I was carrying, and I can work very hard for the last three or four weeks, I am very motivated for the new season," said Federer .

After he left, Roger was strong about it. "I'm not going to set dates, I know that in order to do something important at my age, I need a little luck, and if I did, people would rate it as something incredible." Anything can happen, said number 3 ATP, who thinks about competition in 2020

Fed closed the interview, admitting one of his hobbies, which nobody knew until now: “Few people know that I am a big fan of automobile travel, I love to travel to incredible places and get lost on the road.” One of my great dreams, when I retire This is a great journey by car across Europe, places like Los Pinkoulos, I am passionate, this is a very attractive lunar landscape. "

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