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Esndalo: Sol Prez encounters Carmen Barbieri and Valeria Archim

Last night there was a great premiere of “Novaya Vmeste”, a love magazine, a work produced by Fede Bal with the participation of his parents: Carmen Barbieri and Santiago; who after many years of fighting and clashes went back to working together. The list is complemented by Valeria Archim, Bicho Gmez, Sol prez and Michaela Viciconte.

The show is one of the successes of this summer in Mar del Plata, and its characters are happier than ever. With the exception of solWhich, before the long-awaited debut, was filmed in several disputes and continues to infuriate its colleagues. And each time more and more problems!

BlondeNo doubt it started with the left foot. He missed the rehearsals and was even late for the presentation of the proposed season for the coastal city. sol It was not punctual, and she continued to give a note while they insistently called her for a promotional photo. In a dialogue with the experts of the show, they said: “What is important to me is the picture or …”.

Since then, neither Carmen, nor Valeria Archim (the wife of Guillermo Marne, an entrepreneur of the theater) does not talk to her. But that was not all! Model he complained about the clothes he made for the show and said that he didn’t like it, something he didn’t like in production. Where they also indicated that ex-party "Dance 2018" He did not go to rehearse his photos from the magazine because of a trip to Tukumn, and he does not attend calls, even Fede, who is the director of the work!

Another problem that revolves around Prez It is associated with dancers. As we have said, there was not enough testing and, apparently, curvilinear young woman the enmity of all was defeated when he expressed the opinion that he did not like the choreography that the other artists were rehearsing for, so they had to put together another completely different performance.

All these complaints and calls for attention ended up filling everyone around her, especially Barbieri, who does not tolerate disrespect and even less about what this project means for his family! Already in the middle of the year, when she was invited to the table by Mirta Legrand, she threw several sticks at her. torpedo boat for his lack of commitment to his family.

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