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Edith Gonzalez's painful farewell to mother: “I was my girl, but I have my own city, Mexico”

With mariachi and white flowers guild companions said goodbye to the Mexican actress Edith Gonzalez, in tribute to the present bodywhere they remembered the life and trajectory of the “spoiled gerita” of Mexican soap operas.

On this day, the interior of the theater Jorge Negrete resonated with the sound of applause from the audience, that between tears, They regretted the death of a talented actress who fought until the last minute of her life.

The tribute was to the bodies of those present in the premises of the theater Jorge Negrete (Video: Juan Manrique)

In a moment of pain and loss Edith's presence was perceived at all times because the scene was lit up with a big light., which made the white flowers shine, which the deceased received from people whom she loved and loved.

The people close to her are noticeably alarmed: her husband Lorenzo Lazo; his daughter Constanza Creel Gonzalez; his mother, Ophelia Fuentes, decided not to go on stage, being his brother Victor Manuel Gonzales, who remembered his life with a woman that few have learned.

“I remember a lot when I was next to my mother at her birth, she asked me how it was, I told her that I was a girl, and she asked me how it was, I didn’t know how it was, and my answer was "this is so, güerita & # 39;", commented on her older brother, whom the actress called her "Pepe Grillo", her conscience.

From the present body it was a holiday dedicated to the life of a strong woman who struggled with ovarian cancer that, from the moment of its discovery, it began with medical treatment, being a special feature that she never concealed, always manifested itself as another woman with this disease and, like everyone else, felt the same desire to overcome the disease.

One of the most emotional moments of this tribute was that his mother, Ophelia Fuentes, went on stage to dedicate the last words to her daughter, but above all to the audience, and with a stifled voice, she mentioned that, though "I was my little girl, but I have my city Mexico. "

"If they leave us", José Alfredo Jimenez, was the first song that sounded in the hall, in the voice of the sisters Isabel and Mate Laskuren (pandora), which immediately caused tears among those present. "Cello Rojo" and "Las Golondrinas"There were some of the tunes that were dedicated to the actress who lost the battle at the age of 54.

Actress Laura Zapata told how she received the news of her friend's death (video: Juan Manrique)

More than a dozen applause and applause were addressed to the woman who distinguished himself by his "humanism" and a special joy for life. in which he strengthened the great friendships that will last in the memory and hearts of people.

Among the artists who performed at the ceremony were Jesus Ochoa, Laura Zapata, Patricia Reyes Spindola, Vanessa Bouch, Sergio Verger, Luis Felipe Tovar, Wanda Se, Raimundo Capetillo, Lorena Velazquez and Katie Barberi.

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