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Due to power outages in CCK, Makri postponed his speech at the investment forum – 11/29/2018

Repeated power cut on Thursday from noon at the Kirchner Cultural Center made the president Maurizio Macri I decided postpone your participation at the meeting on the empowerment of women, which envisaged their presence. Because of the damage, Makri combined his participation and ended with a speech at the investment forum which was associated with the event at the same place. Shortly after noon, when discussions were held at an investment forum organized by the World Bank at the Kirchner Cultural Center, as part of the G-20, the electrical defect left them in the dark and postponed the implementation of the assembly.

For security, the decision of the organizers was to clean the room. All participants had to go down the stairs and meet in a large hall. the building that housed the Central Post Office under the blue sphere of brilliant architect Julio Le Park.

Delay forced to refuse lunch and it lasted about 45 minutes, but this stop allowed the exchange of views on the means that are rife with the world for investment in infrastructure.

Cut off again shortly after 15and from that moment on, officials had to speak without microphones. Minister of Social Development Carolina Stanley, for example, gave his entire speech aloud, something unthinkable in such events.

YPF President, Miguel Angel Gutierrez was one of the most enthusiastic, showed the possibility of investment for the oil company, which has a strong change in the area of ​​Waka Muerta.

Government representatives responsible for organizing the G20 they played down the cut. They said it was only at CCK, and after using the protocols to return the light, the activity continued.

From Edesur, an electric company that provides services in this area, says that the damage was an internal CCK, and not a generalized reduction of the company.

Officially, the summit will begin on Friday 30, but the leaders of the G20 countries have already begun to arrive in the country. This Thursday at noon, President Mauricio Macri received the President of France Emmanuel Macron at Casa Rosada, one of the first to come to Argentina.

About 25 meetings will be held during the summit. with the main world leaders, including the Chinese Xi Jin Ping, the American Donald Trump and the Russian Vladimir Putin. He will also meet with IMF director Christine Lagarde.

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