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Dr. Boca got angry at the media for versions of the future of Fernando Gago

Dr. Boca, Jorge Batista, went to the crossroads of journalistic versions who pointed out the almost certain inability to continue playing football for Fernando Gago after a serious injury in the Libertadores Cup final in Madrid.

Through his social networks, the head of the medical department, Xeneize, said: “I don’t know whether Fernando will continue to play or not, and in fact in the decision that he will have to make with the coaching staff and the club’s leadership at the time,”

But then he shot: “But it would be nice if all those who want to express their opinions, when they are consulted, do it by name … Boys, no one is going to get angry! humble opinion doesn't look good, "he added between irony and anger.

“And when you don’t know the details about what type of injury the patient presented, the level of the gap or the technique you performed, whether you can return to a high level, I don’t know and you’ll have to see the evolution.” Congratulate everyone! Great year 2019! He added.

The answer of Batista, who led the operation that Gago did to return the defeat from the 3-1 river in Spain, is connected with a note published in Ole, which states that “after so many injuries the Specialists, who were consulted by Ole, insist that (Gago ) again can not be 100%. "

Pintita suffered a rupture of the Achilles tendon of her right leg when playing extra time, and Boca was already with ten players and had not changed. In addition, it was the third such injury that the midfielder received in his career (all against a millionaire), in addition to torn ligaments.

Recent injuries Gago

In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Gago had to go through the operating room due to a rupture of the Achilles tendon (double left and right) and the cruciate ligament.

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