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Dollar woke up | BAE Business

The central bank today issued more pesos, confirmed a more significant depreciation of the Leliq rate, and the wholesale dollar reacted with an increase of 55 cents. at $ 37.70. However, the currency remains below the level of non-interference, which today stands at $ 37.81.

In the same vein, the retail dollar rose 43 cents to $ 38.57,

The exchange rate started the day with signs of recovery, but it declined before noon. there, BCRA again went out to buy a daily limit of 50 million US dollarsHe auctioned them at an average of $ 37.13, of which he gave out 1,857 million dollars through this channel. As of today, the monetary authorities are building up $ 490 million in January.

But official activity was not there. During the seven-day daily tender for liquid promissory notes, the monetary authority issued almost $ 50,000 million, awarding $ 150,000 million with a maturity of $ 198,284 million. In this way, The Leliq indicator this year experienced the greatest decline: a decrease of 67 basis points to 55.64%.

This cocktail woke the stock market“BCRA purchases, the expansion of the peso Leliq and the closing of positions at the end of the month forced the dollar to recover, although in the rest of the region it continues to fall,” said financial analyst Christian Buteler.

For his part, Gustavo Quintana from PR Corredores de Cambio stressed that "requirement was imposed almost throughout the development of the wheel, triggering a correction that has accelerated to the end. "He added:" With the raises yesterday and today, the exchange rate amassed a correction that exceeded the fall throughout last week. "

volume The operation today in the money segment amounted to 777,943 million US dollars.

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