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Dollar balances initial growth: earns 13 cents at $ 39.61 (blue exceeds $ 40)

The ticket also reduces its initial advance, given that it had previously begun to operate at $ 39.66.

AT Single and free exchange market (MULC)For its part, the currency gives 15 cents $ 38.45 after touching the highs in $ 38.85 at the beginning of the wheel.

In the informal market, on the other hand, blue exceeded 40 dollars, rising 75 cents to 40.50 dollarsAccording to a survey of this carrier in the caves of the center of Buenos Aires. At the beginning of the day, he even reached his intraday record of $ 41.

“This is a market that is not connected to the formal market, the offer of tickets is small, and prices are adapted to this reality” explained changed.

The truth is that this is a very small square, and, as a rule, at the end of the year, those who rest abroad get more appetite for currency.

“This is the end of the month and year, the demand for tourism pulls, and the market reacts differently to the officials”According to another source of the market.

Meanwhile, “contact conley” yesterday rebounded by 36 cents to 38.46 dollars.

It is worth remembering that the beginning of the closing of annual positions was another of the key factors, so the currency yesterday rose strongly in the local market and closed at $ 39.48.

Similarly, in the wholesale segment, the currency rose 62 cents and a half to $ 38.60 on the eve of closing annual positions.

Analyst Gustavo Quintana noted that "the beginning of the last week of the month and year was affected by international instability and the beginning of compensation and the closure of operations that should be eliminated next Friday." He added that "the fall of the local currency and the euro against the US dollar has had some reflection at the local level, triggering a demand for coverage that has affected the price."

On the other hand, the government raised $ 43,372 million. US through a tender for receiving letters, adjusted by CER (Lecer) up to 56 days and capitalized letters in pesos (Lecap) up to 105 and 182 days, for which it will offer rates that will be capitalized monthly to 3 75% and 3.5% respectively.

Finally, the international reserves of the BCRA increased this Wednesday by 6 million to 66.330 million US dollars.

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