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Disclosed details of the accident Michael Schumacher

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This Saturday, December 29, there was five years of a great accident that happened to Michael Schumacher when he was skiing in the French Alps. Since then, very little has been known about the health of the Germans. But the one who broke the silence on this occasion was Stefan Boson, the station commander at the time, who was in charge of assisting in the moments after the German and requested the helicopter that took the sevenfold world champion to the hospital.

"We received a call from mountain rescuers who took care of Michael Schumacher on the runway, they told us that he landed on the head and was seriously injured, he immediately sent a helicopter," said Boson in the media at Focus Online.

He added: “The first respondents said that because of the accident site near the runway, it was difficult to transport it with caution, and it was clear that (what happened) was very serious, otherwise we would not have used the Helicopter, even Mr. Schumacher was lucky , I still remember that the helicopter ambulance doctors had problems on the slopes because of the accident site, which is another reason they decided to first fly along Moutier to stabilize it. to the hospital in Grenoble. "

"We knew that this was a very serious injury." But he lives (…) I was there the next day, I took pictures, I talked with experts. I also saw the stone that Schumacher faced with his skis, and the stone that eventually hit him on the head, ”said Boson of Focus Oline.

In addition, he commented that the accident could have even more serious consequences: “The accident occurred in the middle of the season, and at that time there were sometimes several simultaneous missions that required a helicopter, but there was no other use at that time, so it was immediately available the helicopter, we did not have to wait, it could be worse if we were not there immediately. ”

In addition, he remembered that at that time it was snowing so little that the stones were not covered with snowfall: “The peculiarity is that the snow was so little on previous days that the stones were slightly covered with snow, but only the mantle was very thin, you could not see the stone, but if it was snowing more, Schumacher would probably just slip on the first stone. "

And he closed: "Schumacher was clearly off the track at that time, but a few meters away, however, the ski operator is not to blame, because whoever drives off the track is at your own risk."

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