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Diego Maradona returned to the shore of Dorados with an important victory – 11/22/2018

Diego Maradona and his Dorados de Sinaloa took another step forward on their way to the Mexican football Ligilla de Ascenzo finals. At the first stage of the semifinal, those who led the Argentine coach gained a good advantage against the tough Bravos de Juarez, who won 2-0.

Maradona returned to the bank, after he was scheduled to date his criticism of the judges, and he faced one of the most difficult matches. Unless Juarez, led by Argentinean Gabriel Caballero, completed the next stage of the opening of 2018 as the best team in Ascension. In addition, he arrived with a succession of eight consecutive games as a visitor, not knowing defeat.

However, Dorados left early in the morning. On the 12th minute, the corner to the right found the head of Santa Fe Jorge Cordoba, who placed the ball to the right of the goalkeeper.

At the 27th minute, Rául Sandoval increased the score to 0 – After the center on the right, 10 entered a large area and tried a powerful left foot, which overcame resistance 1 and allowed Celebration of Diego, with bailocyte included.

The advantage achieved by the Diego team is key, given that Juarez has a sports advantage, so a draw in the overall result will be deposited in the final. The rematch will be played on Saturday, from 22 in Argentina. The winner will be determined by Atlanta or Atletico San Luis, who will meet this Thursday and Sunday.

Maradona, who took his team in September with three points and at the bottom of the table, managed to lead him to his eighth victory in eleven games. Accumulate nine games invincible, with seven wins and two draws.

In order to make progress, Dorados must be crowned in this tournament, and then defeated the champion of the 2019 Clausur. He immediately rose, winning both championships.

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