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Devil May Cry 5: a look at the real action

Any collector's edition or special edition that boasts comes with some additions that justify buying a product or not. When Devil May Cry 5, new part of the game with Dante starring Deluxe Edition This will come with some bonuses to take into account. One of them, perhaps the most curious, is the set of cinematic scenes of real actions that we can try. Through an official Twitter account, Capcom showed a snack about what is coming.

The video starts with Dante painted unload his pistol against a kind of cardboard car. Then we see a scene in which cigarettes get out of control, and shortly thereafter, the actor playing Dante shies away from the jumble of objects. As shown in the video, it seems that everything indicates that humor will be present in these episodes.

The so-called Deluxe Edition will include other additional additions: Buster Arm, Mega Buster, which originates from the Megaman saga, as well as Pasta Breaker. As the name implies, this hand is wonderful for those who love pasta, and we are not talking about money, but about spaghetti and pasta. In fact, his design includes a fork for food processing … and kill the demons. Finally, Sweet Surrender will also be included in the package.

Devil May Cry 5, which already has an exclusive demonstration on the Xbox One, is planned for this console, but will also be released for PS4 and PC. If nothing changes, Capcom's ambitious production will be ready next. March 8 Both Dante and Resident Evil 2 mark a very intensive start of the year for a Japanese company.

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