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Destroy the snow decorations in Fortnite (14 days Fortnit Challenge)

Destroy the snowflakes is the twelfth challenge 14 days fornita, the royal christmas battle, an event that is slowly nearing its end. Like every day, this call was just activated at 3:00 pm, and we can execute it to unlock a new cosmetic item.

To complete this challenge, you need to know where is the snowflake in foriteSomething that you will learn a little lower in this guide, while we will give you practical advice so that you can complete the task in one game (you must destroy 12, although there are many more on the map).

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Destroy the snow decorations in Fortnite, how to make a call

As the name suggests, we must destroy snowflakesBut … how to decorate snowflakes? Well, very simple. They are similar to those that we show below, and often hang on the facades, lampposts and other places on the map. As a rule, they are always located in more or less “populated” areas, with houses such as Placentro Park, Señorio de la Sal … Destroy these flakes (no matter how 8 are in the same area), and the call is complete.

Destroy snowflake decoration in places with different names in Fortnite 1

On this map you can see some places that are easy to find. snowflakes in foriteThey are not the only ones, because more can be found in the same areas (for example, in the northern part of Placenter Park, some houses also have these decorations).

Destroy snowflake decorations in places with different names on Fortnite map

Perhaps the best place to overcome this is the Picados apartments, because there is a snowflake decoration in almost every corner of the region, and on paper you can get it in one game. As a minus, this is usually one of the most popular sites in the game, and there will probably always be many enemies.

It is worth saying that in many cases you can hit them with your pickaxe so as not to alert your closest competitors … although in other cases you will have to build them to get to them (for example, Picados street lights) or shoot them

Destroy snowflake decoration in places with different names in Fortnite 1

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