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Desperate request from her friend Manuel Sanchez before she appeared

Emilia, a pair of young men who disappeared, spoke with a radio program because she knew that her boyfriend was a “fanatic” of the same Credit: Facebook

Manuel Sanchez disappeared from his home in Villa Pueyrredón last Saturday and
He appeared today. Emilia, his girlfriend, left a desperate request on the radio before the young man returned.

In a conversation with Andy Kusnetsov, a young woman admitted with pain that she called the program “Perros de la calle” because Manuel “was a fanatic.” He added: “This is the only way to contact him, because Manuel has not turned on his mobile phone since he left, and I don’t have the opportunity to contact him.”

The radio program from the metro station goes on the air in the morning, and at noon, Manuel Sánchez reappeared at his family’s home after cutting off from his entourage for four days.

“If he comes to listen, I would like to tell him that I am in my father’s apartment, that he knows where he is, and if he wants to come, he will ring the bell and nothing else. Emilia this morning in radial delivery.

A friend of Sanchez told about the surprise game for the boy and said: “We are only interested in knowing that everything is fine with him and nothing more, but he understands that what he did for everyone is a pilot …”

According to excelled
The reason for the young man’s departure could be the fact that he dropped out of university some time ago without telling his relatives about it.

For Emilia, the reason for her disappearance "does not matter" compared to how she left, and said that her boyfriend told her by e-mail that she was "leaving in order not to return."

The young woman also described her boyfriend, with whom she has a relationship 5 years ago: "She is a transparent, sincere person, everyone loves him, nobody can say anything bad about him."

“No one will stop until he finds him,” he said. Sanchez disappeared last Saturday at 7 o'clock in the morning, when the young man drove behind his car on a night's vacation and went on vacation, and disappeared. Finally he came back this afternoon.

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