Monday , January 25 2021

Cordova: envelope manufacturers have created a cluster to attract investment and dual production

Companies that produce parts of gearboxes in Cordoba to supply Volkswagen and Fiat factories in this province have created a cluster with stimulate the sector, attract investment and double production parts.

Cluster shift cells since this group has been baptized twenty two interconnected companies, was launched in the Civil Center of the Government of Cordoba with the participation of the Minister of Industry of the Nation Fernando Grasso and the Minister of Industry of the Province Roberto Lavalle.

According to official estimates, the cluster generates 2300 direct and 8000 indirect tasksThey are mainly suppliers of the Córdoba industrial center in Volkswagen Argentina, where MQ-250 and MQ-200 are currently being produced. They also supply the Fiat plant in Ferreira.

At this time, the entire value chain produces about 700,000 cases of change per year, but Installed capacity reaches million and a half units. In the sector, they trust that due to the conformation of the cluster, they will be able to duplicate production. This will reduce the fixed costs.

"The idea is to reproduce the experience of Mexico, which brought together a cluster of auto parts and seek investment in the country because until now the Latin American market has taken it to Brazil, ”explained the coordinator of the new cluster, Catalina Pedroso, according to El-Kronist.

Over the past four months, due to the collapse of domestic demand in the face of rising prices and interest rates, production at automotive plants ceased.

In this context, suppliers of pieces of boxes formed a cluster “in order to entice terminals to continue investing in Argentina and we may have more powertrain enterprises in the country that we know how to do"said the general manager of Fundición Arte (this is one of the auto parts that make it up), Pablo Albert.

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