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Confirmed another patient with hantavirus and accounted for 13 positive cases in Chubut

Health Minister Chubut Adrian Pizzi confirmed a new case of hantavirus in the province, which resulted in 13 of them, since an outbreak was detected in the mountain town of Epuyen, five of which were fatal.

The official said this morning that “the last patient who was hospitalized as a suspicious case on December 24 at the hospital in Esquel was confirmed positive for hantavirus after testing, in which the number of confirmed cases is 13”.

This is a 27-year-old boy, a family member of a person who died because of an outbreak, whose development was puzzled by the health authorities for how it spreads, what is interpersonal, and not through feces or urine. about "mouse collargo", as it was known until now.

“So far, 180 blood samples have been taken for analysis of the affected potentials, and now another 40 samples will be added,” Pizzi explained to Telama, who went to the mountain range early to lead the work of a multidisciplinary group.

Blood samples were taken for analysis by residents of Epúen, who had been at a party for 15 years, when, in principle, an outbreak began, which was added to the population at risk of 4,000 inhabitants, as well as to medical personnel. directly.

The health service emphasized that “everything that is available to combat the outbreak is available” and thanked “the national government, the Malbran Institute, related provinces, and even Chilean specialists cooperating at the consultation level.”

The virus is carried by a so-called collarr mouse, a small rodent that lives in the Patagonian mountain range. Installed in humans, the virus causes severe muscle and headaches, in addition to high fever.

To date, this disease has already led to five deaths, in addition to the three interned, being in intensive care, the other in isolation and one in observation.

The Chubut Ministry of Health has decided to deploy a special psychological support plan for the victims of the hantavirus, as well as the rest of the Epuyen community.

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