Wednesday , November 20 2019
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Central Bank again lowered rates

Central Bank is ready to take advantage of good conditions that exchange rate variables, generated so far in January, exacerbate the fall in the base rate, while he begins to analyze whether he expands his market intervention power.

The company approved yesterday the largest daily decline in profitability. Liquidity letters (Leliq) up to seven days, He sold at auction paper a total of 160,000 million US dollars and average cutting speed is found at 54.889%.

The reduction in these benchmarks in the financial system was 0.75 points The percentage of transactions on Tuesday.

This is the first time they fall below. 55% from central He launched his aggressive scheme.

when 8 minutes to close currency exchange negotiations, SrFPKOP came out again to buy, albeit in a smaller volume, because yesterday I purchased 20 million US dollars, not 50 million US dollars, as I did.

Thus, it accumulates acquisitions U $ S510 million since he returned to intervene this month on the square, thanks to the continuity of the green ticket under the strip.

The dollar broke the start of the week in the wholesale spot, fell again and increased the gap with the lower end from the field of non-interference, that today will be at $ 37.86.

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