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Carrio goes for women's quota in the courts | chronicle

In the year in which gender equality is to be promoted in Congress, the MP Eliza Carrio On Tuesday, he insisted on proposing a sanction to the law authorizing female quotas in the Supreme Court and in various federal and national courts. He did this through a renewed draft with entry into the Chamber of Deputies, repeating the initiative he promoted in 1999 until the end of the presidency of Carlos Menem.

For the leader of the Civic Coalition and co-founder of the Cambiemos Alliance, at least two women must be members of the Supreme Court, of the five members who currently make up the country's highest court. In this regard, he proposed to amend article 21 of Decree-Law 1285 of 1958 to establish that the Supreme Court should consist of “five judges, of whom at least two should be women”.

Currently, the country's highest court consists of Carlos Rosencrantz (Chairman) Ricardo Lorenzetti, Juan Carlos Makeda, Horacio Rosatti and Elena Hyton from Nolasco. Similarly, the draft stipulates that the minimum female quota of one-third of women will be applied when uniting the Criminal Chambers, in the federal courts and in the Federal Chamber of Criminal Appeals of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires.

Also for national courts of first instance, the National Chamber for Criminal Cases, the Federal Economic Criminal Courts and the Federal Economic Criminal Cases Chamber.

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