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Carlos Persiavalle scoffed at Telma Fardeen and rejected the actress brawl

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Actor Carlos Persiavalle gave interview to Uruguayan newspaper
A country where he referred to

Thelma Fardeen's complaint against Juan Dart

, The man made fun of the accusing actress, but said he did not protect the accused. In addition, she delegitimized feminist struggles and explained that this would not change her way of making humor.

"Boredom." So Perciavalle defined the movement of Argentine actresses, which in recent weeks

they began to mobilize

against abuses that occur in your workplace. Without sympathy for feminism, the actor claimed that women "dominate the world" from Adam and Eve. It was then that he referred to Fardeen’s complaint: “Who made Adam eat an apple, and since then they have not stopped, and now they are offended and fucking:“ Oh, he raped me 10 years ago in Nicaragua ”. he said in a mocking tone, as if imitating her. "This does not mean that I am defending this man, that I do not call him, because he is a moron (
So). But they are artists. These are not people. What the hell is so much?

The actor said that with a trajectory at 63, he never felt oppressed in the environment. “I always felt that women got the privilege,” he doubled. "They are all crazy, girls, if you have a divine split, and they say:" What beautiful tits, they do not attack you, they praise you. "

Then he continued to refer to

Thelma Fardeen

"This girl, poor thing, I feel sorry for her, that she must remember what happened in Nicaragua 10 years ago … it can't be helped, so much needs to be done, so much help." However, he also disparagingly referred to Darth: “I don’t like anything, since he is an actor, he seems to be boredo, he is full of gold, he went to Brazil, because this is the only place where he cannot be extradited.” again in another telenovela. "

Perciavalle also claimed Porcel and Olmedo’s characteristic humor and, on how to make humor in these times, said: “If men cannot laugh at women, what will we laugh about? laugh at men if they want, because no one is going to do anything with them. "

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