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Boston couple plans to live on Mars in 2032 in the program Mars One

Boston couple Jari and R. Daniel Golden-Castaño met in a group on Facebook for Martian beginners, got married on the day when the red planet was closest to Earth, and now signed up for the fourth planet to colonize from the sun.

"This is just a part [my] childhood dreams, ”said a 36-year-old Mr. Golden-Castaño, a reservist of the army who studies computer science, reports New York Post.

This pair – two of the 100 semifinalists around the world who were selected for the Mars One program – the schemes of the Dutch organization for launching a human colony on the planet by 2032. Initially, more than 4,200 candidates were submitted, and a group of 100 people will eventually be reduced. up to 24 interns.

They will undergo a decade of intense training: they will be isolated in a remote place, where they will learn to grow food, repair technology and offer medical training. No one will get a return ticket.

100 people of all ages (18 years and older) and different backgrounds were selected for their adaptability, curiosity and suitability for work and life with others.

Each of them filed an online application with a short video and received an interview about their motivation.

Golden Castaños are among the five potential future Martians represented in I'm moving to mars, a four-part documentary premiered in the United States this week on

"Idea [for the candidates] there is a big goal, ”said Julia Ngou.

“This is more than a person – it is part of a larger for humanity.

“This is a pure social sheet, and they can create their best life. I asked them what it looked like, and nobody knows. ”

But there is one thing they know: as the lyrics from Elton John “The Rocket Man” says, “Mars is not the place where you can raise a child.”

The mission is not to inhabit. It is easy to light a pilot light on Mars – including potentially finding water, as well as ways to create sustainable food sources.

“None of us wants to have children,” said Mr. Golden-Castaño, who has two children from a previous marriage.

The mission still has many details that will be funded by corporate sponsorship and broadcasting rights.

Before the arrival of people, the delivery will be sent in advance. In 2031, the Mars One spacecraft will deliver four people to the planet for a preliminary 18-month journey, staying in small capsules, trying to adjust to gravity and other elements.

The red planet is currently hot.

Technical entrepreneur Elon Musk plans to create a manned base by 2025, and in November, NASA landed a research probe there.

Russia also announced the launch of manned and unmanned flights to Mars.

But colonization is hardly a slam dunk.

Bill Nye told USA today last month: “It’s not sensible because it’s so cold. And almost no water. There is absolutely no food there, and most importantly, I just remind these guys that there is nothing to breathe. ”

The pursuit of the disciples of Mars One of this world was not an easy task for their families.

“This commitment to a hypothetical adventure has real consequences right now,” said Ms. Ngeu.

After Ms. Golden-Castaño’s grandmother in Mexico expressed concern that this was a “suicide mission,” a 30-year-old engineer tried to convince her otherwise.

“I brought the slides and explained to her,” she said.

“Now she says:“ God will show you the way you should be. ” She tells people: “My granddaughter is going to Mars! »»

But not everything is so smooth for beginning colonist Peter Degen-Portnoy, the father of five children from Boston, who shows in the documentary that his desire to live on the red planet led to the end of his marriage.

“Our duty as a species is to help our species grow, grow, and ensure its continuity,” he says in the series.

"Therefore, what can I do as a parent, as an individual, [is] I can help raise my children so that they become the best adults they can be. Then I will be their father, who lives and works on Mars.

As planned, Mr. Degen-Portnoy will be 70 years old when he leaves Earth.

Golden-Castaños is already preparing for a curtailed extraterrestrial future, living in a cramped camper.

"For me, this is research and information sharing back [to earth]“Ms. Golden-Castaño announced her decision to abandon mortality.

She sees herself as a pioneer: "Everything that we experience there will be for the first time."

This story first appeared in New york post and reprinted with permission.

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