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“Black mirror: Bandersnatch”: you decide how long the film will last – December 30, 2008

From one moment to another it became actual topic, There was not much to explain: just Black mirror: Bandersnatch This is an interactive Netflix movie, and since Friday is available on a streaming platform, it’s rage in friends chat and social networks.

Perhaps this was achieved by joining three terms: Netflix, the series Black mirror and interactive to set Bandersnatch to boom. This is a film in which the viewer, according to the decisions taken, decides how the plot will go on and whether it will fit the end of the film.

Or if you return to the beginning.

The fact is that. Within several minutes after launch, two parameters are displayed at the bottom of the screen, and one of them must be selected using the remote control. There is a 10 second timer. And it depends on what one event or another chooses.

The first question is what kind of porridge you will eat at breakfast, Stefan (Fionn Whitehead), the main character. This may seem harmless. But it is not.

But let's move on to the plot. This is 1984, and Stephen is an English programmer who wants to adapt a book with the same movie title to a video game. The author of the book, insane, ended up decapitating his wife.

Sooner or later we learned that Stefan lost his mother as a child.

From there, and in accordance with what we do with the remote control, we will “manage” the life of Stefan and his environment. From the music he prefers to listen to on his player (millennia and centuries, attentive) to whether he decides to go with his father to a psychologist on the street or follows Colin, another star programmer (Will Polter). Also – sorry for the spoiler, if you want, leave this paragraph – you have to decide whether Stefan is using a drug or not, and if he jumps from the balcony, or whoever jumps is Colin, do I kill his father or not do it if he buries him or cuts him into pieces.

And be careful, because sometimes it seems that the end of the film has been reached. And no Follows.

There is a TV show in which the nerd will say whether the video game is good or not, and when we finish talking, we know that we choose the “wrong” option if it is possible, and we will live again and see familiar situations.

They say that the film can last, at best, 90 minutes (or up to 2 and a half hours, and there are 5 different endings). Bah, the best is relative, because I think that he will not have much grace or pleasure, that everything will be linear.

Of course it is convenient to see Black mirror: Bandersnatch at least two. Who is to blame when the decision was not “right”?

By the way vision Bandersnatch it's more experience than anything else, and it can sometimes cause irritation (and Stefan himself warns that he does not control his life …). And there is no quick access: you can pause, but the line below does not indicate how much time will pass before it ends, because, again, this is what you decide with your choice. They say they shot a total of five hours to arm themselves with patience.

Black mirror: Bandersnatch


Exciting. USA, 2018. SAM 16. From: David Slade. S: Fionn Whitehead, Craig Parkinson. Available in: Netflix.

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