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Benjamn Vikua spoke about his break with Pampita: "It was terrible

Carolina Ardohane and Benjamn vicua they have been together for ten years and have gone through everything: a complicated beginning in the middle of the collapse of the model with Martn Barrantes, constant rumors of infidelity from actor, the tragic loss of his daughter Blanca and, finally, the scandalous betrayal and separation.

In 2015, when Vicua I worked in the film El hilo rojo, Pampita surprised him, having a relationship with a colleague in the film China Surez. I went in and saw the worst thing a woman could see. Production wants to save them, nobody was there, only two of them had to be **. I swear by my children, I confess to Kero after half a mile. Of course, the couple broke up and Benjamn He became a guy with a young actress, with whom he now has a child named Magnolia. Three years later Chilean he is invited to tell about the end of his marriage and about this tragic episode in an exclusive note he gave to Karas of Chile.

It was horrible Of course, in some things I was wrong, while others were very unfair, which caused a lot of pain and suffering, explained BenjaAnd he continued: there is no list of training, there are things that you understand from the body, which are assimilated little by little. Today I know what I do not want, and I understand that there are situations that I cannot change, and others that avoid my control and responsibility. Every person has a story, with the difference that mom was made public, which makes me ashamed and upset. Apparently, this is part of the package. I try to keep what I can, and others run away from my hands.

Before a journalist’s question about what mistakes he makes in this complex story, translator I replied: that in life you can make another person very happy, and also hurt or suffer. It is important to distinguish, recognize, set criteria and learn from it. We are all wrong. It was a difficult period.

Finally, he spoke about the consequences of committing this infidelity and that he is described as a woman womanizer. What was said was not going to interrogate or protect me, because these were delicate and delicate questions. Expect everything to be settled. I care about the opinions of my children, period. Versions that have already been mentioned, I can not take responsibility, are part of the urban myths.

I broke up, like everyone else, with pain and disappointment, which means adding these external ingredients. I concentrate on the transition in that, looking back, the pain is not subtracted, they accumulate. My daughter died, after two years I broke up. Nevertheless, a person has a great opportunity for elasticity, rebirth. Today I take responsibility for all good and bad; I have a wonderful family, which is a key, incredible woman, happy, healthy, with which I have much in common, serr.

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