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Asteroid Bennu features in new pictures

An “apocalypse asteroid” that could spell doom for our planet.

It was taken by Osiris-Rex spacecraft.

IN DEPTH: Bennu asteroid from asteroid

Bennu, an asteroid that sits 72,000 miles away.

It has been branded an “apocalypse asteroid”, and NASA says it’s a chance to hitting our planet in the next century.

80,000 times more energy than the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast.

Osiris-Rex hasn’t been milled (1.6km) above the space rock’s surface.

NavCam 1 navigation camera, navigation camera,

At around 500 meters across, Bennu is the smallest object ever orbited by a spacecraft.

It is clear that there is no need for any further information.

This space is what aims to help you understand our planet.

Osiris-Rex |

NASA has previously said that it’s a potentially dangerous nature.

But you shouldn’t be worrying too much.

This is because there was a heading for Earth.

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