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Archaeologists say that Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed by the 10th asteroid explosion MEGATON | Science | news

In the Bible, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God, because the inhabitants lived a life of sin. According to the book of Genesis, “The Lord shed rain upon Sodom and Gomorrah, sulfur and fire from the Lord from heaven. And He destroyed these cities and the whole country, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and all that is born from the earth. "

Scientists believe that they discovered the places of cities in archaeological excavations, but offer a more scientific explanation of why the places were destroyed.

Archaeologists claim that the cities were located on the northeastern edge of the Dead Sea, now called the Middle Mountain.

Interestingly, the scientists discovered strange minerals on the sites, which, according to them, are the result of a super-heated asteroid exploding in this area.

Radiocarbon dates this explosion of asteroids about 3,700 years ago, which would correspond to biblical timeframes.

The researchers called the asteroid explosion the Kikkar 3.7KYrBP event and had a 10 megatons air output.

An archaeologist and biblical researcher at Trinity South-West University, Philip Silvia, said the explosion would have taken off in a 25 km wide circular plain, destroying any nearby settlements.

Professor Silvia says that he and his city unearthed the ruins of the Bronze Age city in Tall el-Hammam, not far from Sodom and Gomorrah, and this place is the biggest evidence of a low-altitude asteroid explosion.

Prof. Silvia and his team write on their research website the High Al Hammam project: “The site began (at least) during the 4th millennium BC, flourishing for at least a thousand years as an open agricultural community.

“But at the beginning of the 3rd millennium BC there were dramatic breakdowns in the relative peace in the region, as a result of which the residents of High Al Hammam built a huge defensive system that included a brick city wall of stone and dirt.

“The phenomenon that leads to the destruction of civilization on the“ well watered plain of Jordan ”and a repulsive reoccupation over many centuries is now being clarified on the basis of an analysis done by researchers of the“ strike ”of seven participating universities.

“In order for the most productive agricultural land in the region, which constantly supported prosperous civilizations for at least 3000 years, should be suddenly abandoned and then resisted by human settlement for such a long period of time, asked for an investigation.

“Physical evidence from the Tall el-Hammam and neighboring sites shows signs of a highly destructive, convulsive and thermal event that one would expect from what is described in Genesis 19.

“Soil / ash samples collected from the High Al-Hammam contain evidence of destruction of the topsoil and soil contamination with salts of the Dead Sea, which would prevent the cultivation of crops for many centuries after this event.”

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