Wednesday , January 20 2021

Android shows you how to save battery on your devices.

Technology giant Google has discovered a trick that allows users of devices running the Android operating system to save on battery consumption.

The presentation during the Android Dev Summit 2018 (an Android developer event that Google held on November 7-8 in Mountain View (California, USA)) discussed how several colors require different amounts of energy on the AMOLED screen,

In this way, Those who seek to minimize the cost of a battery can do this by activating the dark mode in applications. For example, Google presenters, Chris Banes and Alan Wiveret compared the power consumption of the Google Pixel device and the iPhone 7 when they show the screen shot with maximum brightness. In the dark mode, Pixel saves 63% of the battery, while the iPhone 7, on which the LCD screen is installed, the consumption level is the same.

This is due to the technology used in these types of screens. AMOLED models use diodes that emit light and do not use a lot of energy when displaying black, while LCD screens have a layer that illuminates liquid crystals, so the energy consumption on an LCD display does not depend on color.

Google also reported that white is the color that requires more energy, and that second place is blue. However, these results are a stone on the roof of Google, which is admitted in favor of white in Android applications and design.

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