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An experiment with two genetically falsified twins was suspended

(ANSA). The Chinese doctor, who announced the birth of two twins with an altered gene, said that he did not regret what he had done and that he was proud of it, despite criticism. He Jiankui made these statements during the International Summit on the publication of the human genome, which was held in Hong Kong, and from where, however, there was news that the experiment was now suspended precisely because of controversy.

The scientist spoke to a mob of more than 700 international researchers who bombarded him with questions. Who consulted if there are other pregnancies in the process that are part of the study, he replied that there is another “potential” even in the early stages, but in a series of consecutive answers it is unclear whether there was a miscarriage or pregnancy continues

I recognized that eight pairs participated in the experiment, the purpose of which was to “silence” the gene that produces a protein that allows the HIV virus to be injected into cells. The scientist said that he was “proud” of the results achieved, ignoring the experts' main objection regarding the test, that is, the Crispr technology used to publish the genome often also leads to undesirable changes in other DNA regions.

“The volunteers confirmed that they stopped testing the“ current situation ”- they were informed about the risks of possible modifications not required by the DNA, although they also decided to embed the embryos.” In his speech, he explained the various stages of the test to Jiankui, starting with animal tests a few years ago. All data will be sent to a scientific journal for publication, although it is not stated that.

The experiment, the researcher admitted, was conducted outside the Southern University of Science and Technology, where he worked until February with personal resources from himself. The announcement, released last Sunday with a video on YouTube, and raised by Mit Technology Review, caused protests all over the world, from China itself, where more than 120 scientists signed a letter saying that the experiment is defined as “crazy” investigation. Also in Italy there was no shortage of critical voices, starting with the Minister of Health, Julia Grillo.

“At present, science has reached a very high level in the field of genetics,” he said in an interview with SkyTg24: without brakes, he can do anything, even make people in a test tube. ”

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