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Amil: "If Riquelme wanted to become president, it could be"

mouth He is preparing for a difficult year. In terms of football, the club must resume a tough defeat by River in the America's Freedom Cup. While in institutional xeneize He will hold presidential elections in December 2019, so that candidates for taking up the position that today’s Daniel Angelici, who cannot be re-elected, are beginning to be outlined.

Jorge Amor Amil He was president before Angelica defeated him in the 2011 elections. Eight years later, the former president remains in the club’s politics and dreams of becoming president again. Although in an interview with the newspaper, Ole mentioned the possibility of nominating Juan Roman Riquelme as a candidate.

“The novel should be in the club in any activity,” he said. Ameal“If he wanted to become president, he could become president,” he said. “When I was a manager, I signed his last important contract, while many of the current leaders were against it. If tomorrow you are interested in being a candidate, we will sit down to chat. Now I do not bother him, he must be with his roast and friends. Many of those who speak now did not say anything when he eventually went to Argentinos Juniors, he said. exmandatario,

On the other hand, he referred to his ideas of returning to the post of President of the Club de la Ribera. “In the latter we received 8,300 votes, only with our group. During these three years, we worked on ideas and projects. And we will have alliances, but we must agree on the basics. “If one wants a shopping center, and the other wants 360. If one says“ yes ”to corporations, and the other does not,” he said.

“We are not leaving Bombonera, and we have a draft 360. No for corporations, they are harmful for Boca, they are harmful for everyone,” commented. “Amateur football. The opening of the club next door. We have 12 points, but now is not the time for candidates, but in order to skip the bitter drink. There are defeats that mark you, but this institution has too much history to remain at an impasse, ”he said. Ameal,

Finally, they left a message for the ruling party and the opposition. “We travel around the outskirts and provinces, and we notice that people are tired of the current driving. Not for the defeat against Rivera, but for the filters, because 50% of active participants do not enter the field. People are very bad. This is a constant complaint. I see that those who came out third are playing with the current government, ”he concluded. Ameal,

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