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All Boca congratulate Nahitan Nndez on her birthday

While time passes after hitting River for the Libertadores de Amrica Cup final, today there is a reason to celebrate in La mouth because one of the campus banners, Uruguayan Nachitan Nndez, birthday, and all of Boca do not cease to welcome him.

Pure claw, character and leadership, the Uruguayan quickly won the love of fans, who never ceased to cheer him on every presentation. With the Argentine team rioplatense played 46 games, scored four goals and won the title.

Your future

Preserving one of the great figures at this closing of 2018 is one of the great desires of Boc, Nichols Burdisso and Gustavo Alfaro. Uruguay spokesman Pablo Betancourt spoke with FOX Sports Radio Argentina and clarified the position of the pilot: “Nndez wants to stay, but he asks to be one of the referents not only in football, but also in economics. get tested in Argentina, so his contract is low, and he did very well. "

“The official offer from Italy came to Nndez, it does not mean that we want to use it for printing, but we need to determine everything as quickly as possible, we will talk with Burdisso, and we will probably get together tomorrow,” the businessman added. Undoubtedly, the next few hours will be the key to the future of one of the most beloved players in Xeneize.

It should be remembered that a few days ago, the mysterious message of Nachitan in his Instagram account surprised everyone, but mostly worried Boca fans who want the Uruguayan flyer to remain in the institution during 2019. "Restrict them to your silence, surprise them with your actions," – said in a statement published in the history of this social network. This phrase was accompanied by the image of Lena, which caused numerous interpretations on social networks.

In addition, the Italian club Caligari has already expressed interest in staying with midfielder Boca. The company will be ready to invest $ 20 million in one of the most expensive transfers in its history in order to stay in the Uruguay national team. Atletico de Madrid also investigated the midfielder, although it was unclear whether Colchonero made any offer for the Uruguayan.

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