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AFA analyzes VAR in the Super League: “We have economic potential”

AFA President Claudio "Chiqui" Tapia stated that the organization has “Economic opportunities for the implementation of VAR next season”,

“We have economic opportunities to start developing VAR next season,” said the 51-year-old leader, who praised the use of the system: “I’m one of those who believe that Var is good if it is used to correct errorsAlways remembering that the main character should be the judge along with the players. ”

In a note uploaded to the AFA portal, Tapia stressed that the balance of what has been done so far at the head of the institution is “positive”, and recalled that when he took office in March 2017, ".

Finally, Chiki saved that now AFA has "93 million pesos of positive balance"something that hasn't been around for a long time.

In what situations is a var used?

goals: determine whether it was a goal, whether a foul was broken, whether the front position was or not, the ball left the court.

criminal: Determine whether there has been a violation in an area that is criminal.

Red cards: This will only work for straight reds. VAR will be asked to find out if there was a foul or not.

Identity Confusion: they will rely on technology to find out which player was the main character of some controversial actions.

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