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A young man committed suicide after falsely reporting ill-treatment

What happened a week ago was made public this Sunday, when it became known that the deceased was a teenager. Agustin MunozThe sequence began last December, when Muñoz was arrested during a march in which he participated against a series of sexual abuse in the city.

During the mobilization, activists read a list with the names of the alleged rapists, among whom was the deceased now, who, hearing his name, ran to suffer in order to hide in his house.

In parallel with the public conviction, the prosecutor, called “Annie,” allowed him to go beyond in social networks – a scandal that quickly spread and which, according to Sylvina Castañeda, mother of Munoz on Bariloche 2000, “it became impossible to stop”.


After examining the situation, Munoz’s parents exchanged whatsapp chat with the prosecutor.

After examining the situation, Munoz's parents exchanged a chat in WhatsApp with the prosecutor.

The woman reported that when she saw the condition of her son, they contacted the applicant, who acknowledged the falsity of the complaint, and tried to spread denial, a fact that did not take the necessary measures to undermine the effect of the complaint.

This amount of situations led to the fact that the young man fell into a deep depression, which led to a radical decision to commit suicide. In the video, the parents of the young man asked "to stop exposing the children and stop using them as weapons when they are vulnerable."

“If we want to build a society, we need to build adults with the tools to survive in this world. Agustin is not there, he did not get enough restraint to survive. As a representative of my son, I ask, without rushing against the real and firm struggle of many victims of ill-treatment and injustice,to realize that this is something very delicate, that we expose our young people "confirmed Castañeda.

Finally, the woman says: “We are accompanied by young people who ask for an end to this persecution, these shoots that do not work against a person like Annie. Because Agustin had the nobility to forgive her. On behalf of all young people, I urge you to take care of our children, because there can be no Agustín anymore. "

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