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A woman asks for help because she should not even eat

Ramona makes bread chips and goes outside to sell, but it's getting harder with the heat.

A widow for two years, she is a mother of four children, but none of them have economic conditions to help herHer husband, Juan Carlos Salteno, a former federal police officer, died of cancer, and the woman went through a pension procedure, but to this day she has not received a response. He does not charge any subsidies or pensions, and also has no social work, he receives only a 400 pesos bonus per month from IPLyC.

With a diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), he experiences difficulty breathing, chronic cough, infections, chest tightness, fatigue, and inability to perform any kind of exercise. Despite his state of health, he manages to make chips and bread, and he goes out to sell, or goes to barter, where he is trying to earn something to survive.

The first edition visited her in her house on General Mosconi 6636, where she lives 40 years ago., "I started the procedure for receiving the pension of my husband, but I was never given an answer, and now The truth is that I do not have the opportunity to support myself, I do not need to survive, not even to eat, and with my health it’s hard for me to go for a walk because of the heat that it gives. ”counted the woman. Ramona needs urgent help and needs help. She admits that she is well cared for at the hospital, but she has no money to buy the drugs she prescribes and there are days when she should not eat.

If someone would like to cooperate with her, she can call her at (0376) 154181807.

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