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A moving request for family prudence with virtual shoots

An 18-year-old man committed suicide in Bariloche, being actually accused of authorship of the alleged sexual abuse. The teenage girl who filed the complaint, then admitted that she lied, and indicated that she did it because she was "angry."

The course of days only aggravated Agustin Munoz’s suffering, until on December 23 of last year he accepted the fatal determination,

The girl filed a complaint through their social networks. Munoz participated in the demonstration of feminists, when he was surprised when he was scrawled in public. He ran home and suffered a viral complaint. Then it was established that it was false.

Agustin Munoz was 18 years old. He committed suicide after falsely reporting sexual abuse (Facebook).

A minor came into contact with the mother of Agustin, seeking to reduce the current difficult situation. The girl also publicly apologized through her networks. “It’s terrible to play with this, it’s a mockery of all victims of rape, mockery and grievances,” said Silvina Castaneda, Agustin’s mother.

The woman said that her son was very sensitive and fell into a depressive pit from which he could not escape.

The Agustin family published a video in which they ask that they become aware when formulating accusations of this type: "We play with something very delicate."

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