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A moving homage to Quique Sakko Dbor Pre Volpin: Eternal Love

Early this year Dbor Prez Volpin He died after an endoscope in the sanatorium "Trinidad" in the vicinity of Palermo. Nearly eleven months after this painful moment, his partner, Quique Sacco, gave him a deep and gentle message through his Twitter account. Today, journalist will be 51 years old

“On this special day, choose one of the many toasts of our happy time, December 30, the birthday of a wonderful woman. Today I offer your eternal love and unforgettable memories, ”wrote Quique, remarkably excited. In the photo they both look very smiling, with a beautiful sunset in the background.

Recall that the death case dbora He was prosecuted by Judge Carlos Brunar. Those who conducted the procedure, Dr. Diego Bialolenkier and anesthetist Nlida Inc Puente, will be convicted of guilty murder, the punishment may be from one to five years imprisonment plus a penalty for suspension from five to ten years. In addition, the magistrate confiscated them for 1,700,000 pesos.

The latest innovation in the case was that Criminal Court No. 8 satisfied the request of the doctors ’defense attorneys, which was requested to hold a medical meeting on the reasons for the death of the doctors. conductiveIn the refusal of more than 80 pages, Bruniard said that the endoscopist could not explain, which led to the fact that the patient, who "previously had no pathologies of inflammatory, infectious, vascular or neoplastic causes, which caused or contributed to his death, had a decrease that ends with his life. "

In addition, the judge added that the anesthesiologist noticed a picture that Prez Volpin and this delay plus its subsequent execution contributed to the final result. “I believe that the doctor, confident that it was a normal study, in which statistically no complications were recorded, I neglected the life indicators of her patient, relying on the computer that monitored her,” she argued.

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