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A dangerous reason why you shouldn’t have your baby’s ears pronounced

One of the most common customs when a girl is born puts rings in a sanatorium. There are versions that indicate that the child is so soft that the newborn child hurts less, but they are not confirmed, because the child cannot tell us if this is the case. Now the Academy of Pediatricians warned of the dangers of this practice.

According to experts, piercing the ears of a newborn can increase the risk of infection and injury. Pediatricians explained 5 main reasons why it is better to wait a bit before making the child's rings:

1. Risk of choking
It may seem impossible, but the ring comes out and that the child swallows it more often than we think, according to pediatricians.

Rings are small pieces of metal that can be very dangerous for a child because they can become trapped in clothes, in bed and that the baby swallows them.

The consequences can be very serious, for example, injuries of the esophagus and other complications.

2. Various infections
Pediatricians indicate that by placing the baby’s rings a few days or hours after birth, it is likely that he was not given before tetanus vaccination.

Thanos is a serious bacterial infection caused mainly by a deep wound that causes painful muscle spasms and can lead to death.

In general, the vaccine does not apply until the age of two months when quntuple / pentavalent is given (against diphtheria, Ttanos, Convulsive Cough, Hep B, Haemophilus Influenzae b). However, the mother must be vaccinated with a triple cell-free bacterium before childbirth, which contains antibodies to tuna and transmits them to the child, so it will not be completely unprotected.

3. Allergy
Being a newborn, we can not know the possible allergies to our child, so it is better to prevent than to cure. If he shows an allergic reaction to the metal of the ring, he may develop an infection in the ear.

4. Break lulo
Whenever a ring is placed on the ear of a newborn, the material with which it is made and the size must be taken into account. Placing rings can be very dangerous, as they can be easily caught and can lead to rupture of the ear.

Although the same can happen with a little sheen, which has small little glasses that can be caught in clothes and damage the ear of a child.

5. Queloides
Cheleoids are behind the lesion, in this case before ear perforation. This is an exaggerated reaction of the body.

As soon as the hole is made, the body sees it as an injury and tries to heal it, so that keloids are formed, i. E. Tissue formations around the hole.

In most cases, you must perform an operation to remove them.

To avoid complications, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting for the girl to be big to exercise and avoid risks.

In addition, he recommends using only gold rings to prevent contamination, and that perforations should be made in a place where properly sterilized equipment is available.

It is not recommended to use drilling tools, as there is a risk that they have not been sterilized and increase the likelihood of infection. Experts call hepatitis as a possible disease that can be spread in this way.

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