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A 71-year-old French adventurer tries to cross the Atlantic in a barrel without a rudder or crew.

At a time when the intersection of the Atlantic no longer involves any problems, the fearless Frenchman, who is also 71 years old, offered to cover the journey from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean … on board the barrel. Yes, a very large, but simple barrel of plywood, coated with resin, reports a report from the Russian network REN-TV. The traveler expects that the winds and currents will lead him to his destination, about 4,500 kilometers, in about three months.

“Many people crossed the Atlantic, on boats, on kitesurfing, on kayaks, on canoes, on anything (…) But nobody did it in my opinion (…) only with the help of current and wind the traveler said.

“The weather is fantastic, I drop one meter and I move at a speed of two to three kilometers per hour,” Savina quotes the words of Deutsche Welle shortly after leaving El Hierro.

Jean-Jean Saven was a military paratrooper and pilot and worked for several years in a national park in the Central African Republic. He is almost 72 years old, but every morning he practices trotting and strength exercises. Before going on an adventure in the Atlantic Ocean, he had been swimming for several hours a day.

Source of inspiration

It is said that Savin’s journey is in part similar to that of French physician Alain Bombard, who in 1952 crossed the Atlantic as a lone crew member of an inflatable boat, almost without water and food, eating only fish and plankton. ,

But Savin, who says that he had read the Bombard book about his trip several times, admitted in November that he "would not have gone with him." [Bombard] at that moment, "considering the several provisions that the doctor brought with him.

The current trip does not imply such Spartan conditions. Its barrel is three meters long and has a living area of ​​six square meters and includes a kitchen, a sleeping cot and groceries. A porthole on the floor will allow you to watch the fish during the trip, and three bottles of wine will help you celebrate some important events, including your 72nd birthday.

"Of course, we will not leave it alone, we will use GPS to check where he is at least twice a week, we will monitor how he feels and what happens to him," the deputy general said Director of the company for the production of barrels, which sponsors the trip

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