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VERIFICATION: cancer "cured" within a year? Experts say not so fast

Tampa, Fla. Israeli scientists say that a cure for cancer will appear next year.

This header takes the Internet by storm. But is it really?

Without a doubt, with 18 million new cancer cases diagnosed worldwide each year, the Holy Grail will be the cure for cancer. But Dr. Vince Luca, the principal investigator at the Moffitt Cancer Center, says the statement should be taken with some serious caution.

“In order to take medicine from the bench to the bed, it takes years and a lot of carefully controlled tests,” said Luca, “it’s also very unusual to hear something instantly appear from the tree, which will become a universal cancer treatment.

Luca says that the results stated by Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies have two large red flags: no expert assessments and no clinical trials in humans.

“When you make an announcement of a scientific result, the most appropriate way to verify this result is that your colleagues check the experimental design and the data themselves,” he said.

"They missed all these steps, made an announcement without completing any of these important processes."

It seems the only published data are interviews that scientists gave to a local Israeli newspaper that declared their experiment on mice successful.

But this does not mean that the method that scientists are developing does not promise, says Luke, because in reality it is similar to the daily work in Moffitte.

However, according to Luke, with more than 200 types of cancer, there will probably never be one single medicine.

Similar concerns were supported by the chief physician of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, who wrote in his blog: “It goes without saying that we all share the coveted hope that they are true. Unfortunately, we need to know that this is far from proven as an effective treatment for people with cancer, not to mention treatment. ”

“In the absence of clinical trials, it is very unfair to raise people's expectations,” said Luca.

So, cancer is "cured" within a year?

We can verify that the claim is too good to be true.

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