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Tuku family exploded – Bulawayo24 News

The world-famous stone sculptor and afro-music singer Bryn Tauray Mteki blew up the family of superstar Oliver Mtkuji for refusing to bury the singer in the acre of National Heroes Acre.

Mtukuji died last Wednesday and was declared a national hero, which meant that he had the honor of being buried in a national shrine.

But his family rejected a government proposal for his burial at the Acre of National Heroes; instead, Mtukuji was buried in his rural house in Madziva on Sunday. The Mtukuji family said that his desire should be buried among his ancestors.

Mteki said that their struggle as musicians for the status of Hero was negated due to the family’s refusal to bury him in the national temple.

“As a musician, I was so angry with this decision and as a friend
Mtukuji, I would advise the family otherwise – I was not there when this decision was made, but when I heard about it, I hated it.

“People need to understand that no one is exactly destined to be buried in the Acre of National Heroes, and no one would have thought that Tuku would be buried there, including himself, and I wonder where the family got it from.

"This place; The Acre of National Heroes is a historical and sacred place. It hurts me that after all these years, when we, as artists, lobbied to bury someone of ours, then a chance comes and we deny that we were buried there. ”

Mteki said that Tuku was at the forefront of the struggle, so the musicians also received hero status because he actually sang the song “Who is the hero?

"In the song, he asks why Safirio Madzikatira was not declared a national hero — he fought for the recognition of the singers."

Zimbabweans from all walks of life also expected that Tuku would be buried in the temple, and were ready to fill this place to the limit, and the crowd that was present when he was sent to the National Sports Stadium on Saturday showed that he was gathering a crowd.

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