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Tottenham must create stars, not buy them like Liverpool Man City

Mauricio Pochettino says that Tottenham has to create its own players, because, unlike Liverpool and Manchester City, they cannot sign stars who will immediately take them to the next level.

Spurs have not signed a single player in the last two transfer windows, as the January deadline is approaching on Thursday, and their manager acknowledges that they cannot act the same as their competitors in the market.

“In the last couple of years, Liverpool has invested a lot of money,” Pochettino said in an exclusive interview with ESPN FC. "Due to a number of circumstances, we tried to release young players with a great future, such as Harry Kane, Delle Allie, Eric Dier, [Kieran] Trippir or Harry Winx.

“We create players. But in this case, Liverpool needs a defender, they get [Virgil] van dyke. They need a goalkeeper, who is the best? Alisson. It is just like Manchester City.

“In the end, it’s really the way Real Madrid and Barcelona do the same thing, because they are on a different level.

“At the moment, Tottenham has not yet reached this level, so when we cannot buy a washing machine, we get a dryer that can do the same work. Instead of a sofa, we get a chair in which you can also sit. This is the difference between Tottenham and the teams that are created to win. "

Pochettino has not yet received the trophy as a manager, and he is thirsty for richer clubs, in particular Real Madrid and Manchester United. But he believes Tottenham is moving in the right direction and will win silver in the future.

“It’s like the players,” he said. “Everyone believes that Tottenham has not reached this next level, and, logically, the perception of those who analyze football sees that there may be potential to work in other clubs like players who can join other clubs” .

“Tottenham's idea is to become the end product for managers and players who want to come and win prizes and obviously enjoy their work.

“We are taking the first steps [to becoming a great club] because in the last few years the club has played regularly in the Champions League, we are in the top four. But we know that this is a difficult task, and we need time — time and consistency — and we are at the beginning of this new era of the club. ”

Tottenham, the last silver item of which was released in 2008, last week participated in both domestic cup competitions, and Pochettino was criticized for the fact that on Sunday he declared that the trophy "only builds your ego" and the Champions League qualification is a priority.

Expanding the topic, he said to ESPN FC: “I am not satisfied with the first four. But you must remember that [Jose] Mourinho said recently that finishing in the top four with Manchester United is like winning a trophy.

“Right now, for various reasons, Tottenham can win, because anything can happen in football — that's what makes football beautiful. But in reality, we are still not a team created to win the Premier League or Champions League. "

“One day we hope we can do it, of course. But now, in fact, we are not there. Will we try to win? Of course, and if we really win, great. But it is not. ” This means that if we win, it is because we are made to win. No, this is because we did something to compete and be at a higher level or closer. ”

One of the main things that the Spurs did to reduce the backlog of its rivals is to build a new stadium with 62 thousand seats, which is due to open in March. Pochettino believes that returning from Wembley to Tottenham will be an important moment for the club.

“We suffer from the need to leave our home, create another one and make Wembley feel at home,” he said. "I spoke with Jesus [Perez] about this – my right man, my friend.

“We always say that one thing is to have a home, and the other is to create a home in which you will feel comfortable, feel free and have fun, and it was difficult for us to leave our playground and compete there. things that prevented our growth.

“Although we managed to improve the results and remain a competitive team, from the point of view of development, rather than helping us, it hindered us.

“But now we have the opportunity to return to the ground soon, and I think that this will have a huge impact on our players, as well as on our supporters who can begin to experience their own permanent home, and this will be one of the best stadiums in England and the world. This is an inspiration for everyone. ”

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