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Tony Silva gives an exciting rant at Pitso Mosimane

Former Mamelody Sundowns striker Tony Silva presented the equivalent of a one-star review on Google Maps for former boss Pitso Mosimane.

Silva left Sundowns, making only 11 matches for the club since it was signed at the start of the 2018/19 season. It seems that he had a massive altercation with Mosimane’s coach when he made an impressive rant in an open letter to former boss Bafan Bafan, published in the media.

The former player of Liverpool and Chelsea accused Mosiman of letting his ego take over, and said that the coach practiced favoritism and made it difficult for the players to progress because of jealousy.

The statement of a person who knows how he works in Egypt says: “During my football career, I played for many teams, and when I left, I never gave (gave) an interview about a team or players in these teams. It dawned on me that Pitso (Mosimane) advised the media that “nothing worked out” and also to say: “(Temba), Zwan, Gaston (Sirino) and (Lebohang), Mabo never played for“ Liverpool ”or“ Chelsea "but they give more." than (i do) So here is my answer: Pitso, you are the weakest trainer that I have ever had in my life.

“You are arrogant, and your ego does not help you, because you are not able to make your players happy, but you kill the dreams and career of a player, then turn around and say:“ It didn’t work. ” I was under your leadership for six months, and all we do is the same workout until I quit, and do you call yourself a good coach? You always say that if you play well in one match, you will play in the next match, but this is not so, because you have favoritism. You have players who have a second chance, even if they have bad games, and other good players do not even have the opportunity to play, because you are an unfair trainer.

“Do not go to the newspapers and pretend that you are an honest coach, simply because these people do not know how you work, your staff and all the people you work with are afraid to talk to you or talk to you because they know what kind of person you are, but I'm here to tell you, because I'm not afraid, and I believe in the truth.

"Since I came to the club, you have never given me the opportunity to play in my starting position, which is suitable, but you have a big mouth to tell the newspapers that" things did not work, and other players give More 39; Do not forget that there are (favorites) to whom you give freedom, then (there are) others (who) do not give freedom and chances.

"Fortunately for me, I will always have a place in Europe, because I am from there, but I sympathize with other South African players that you just ruin their careers and they don’t have (many) options, but you are too fake, Pitso and all they are just afraid to tell you. This team is so unprofessional, forcing players to pay for their permission (Where have you ever heard of this?).

“As you see, I don’t care about you, so I want the world to know. You forced me to sign an agreement that I should not return to South Africa for the next five years, and that I could not play against the Sundowns, otherwise I would have to pay 5 million euros for Sundowns, and yes, I accepted and signed only so that I can leave this team and its unprofessionalism and return to my career without even completing the one-year contract that I had with you. I decided to leave early because I know that my value and being there will simply ruin my career (how), what you do with half the other talented players in your team.

“You like to play big, but please know your limits, you’re just a coach in Africa. There are bigger coaches than you, do not forget that you are not yet international. You force us to watch the five-hour video before the match, you fight with the majority of players, you transmit information late. You are just a coach who can be fired, not a club owner, this will help you learn from international players, and not be arrogant.

“Just look at Benny McCarthy, he is doing well, because he has international fame and appreciates his players, what you have to learn, because you have talent that sits and does not play. You do not use your team well, because you are blinded by your favoritism and arrogant to such an extent that you will not listen to your own staff and assistant coach.

“You took me from Europe, because you saw the quality of a player that I am, and brought me to South Africa, and now you want to say that“ it didn’t work ”? All the leagues I played in are bigger than the one you train. I decided to leave, because I don’t take shit from anyone, when I went there and saw how unprofessional it was, I told you that I wanted to leave, and you asked me to stay, sending me messages every day saying, "You were good today in training "and" the best winger in the club, one on one ". Now you have the courage to talk about me? You stopped playing with me, because I stood up for myself and said that I didn’t want to play the attacker, because this is not my position, therefore you were upset.

“A good coach finds (a) a solution and gives his players the freedom to play in comfort, and not in this style you have to force people to play positions, they do not know or do not know how, and then they say:“ It didn’t work ”from & # 39; . You buy players because you do not want them to compete with you, and ruin a player’s career. Is this a good coach? A good coach takes part in competitions and wins thanks to his skills and wants the players to grow and develop from where they are to international spheres.

“George Lebeze is in your team, the boy is not playing, and everyone knows that he is one of the best players in the league, and you cannot even explain the reason, but you say:“ It didn’t work, ”you won’t even let him play in another place, because you know that it will soar high and make you a bad couch!

“I really feel sorry for the players (who) cannot leave, (who) have no options. Pitso, when you mention people you give chances to, you should also mention people you don't give chances to fall in love with George Lebeze. Did you even give him a chance this season? No, so tell the newspapers that you cannot make it work, and not that "it did not work."

“Before I forget, I just want to tell you that I was trained: Quique Flores, (Luis Felipe), Scolari, Liuboslav Penev, Roy Hodgson, Rafa Benitez, José Anigo and Rodolph Borrell (who is the assistant coach of Manchester City ex-coach (Lionel) Messi), and then I come to South Africa to train you, and you quickly talk to the papers, but you cannot solve the problems of the team itself.

"Players must worship you to play and cannot be honest with you." In addition, you are the only coach known to me who makes the players and the entire staff travel economically, and you travel in business class, which means that you are an important player who will play, score and win three points. That's why you travel differently. Finally, just to let you know that if you continue to give interviews anything related to me, I will also print everything you say about others. Coach Pitso, I wish you all the best for the remainder of the season. ”

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