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The sequel "The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild" has a terrible atmosphere, and we are here for it

Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wildlife gets a sequel that looks worse every time i watch a trailer.

The brief teaser that Nintendo presented at the end of its E3 2019 Direct video presentation on Tuesday showed that Hyrule hasn't changed much and, nevertheless, is completely different.

Zelda games often used the art style as a cut to indicate continuity – Major Mask reused assets from ocarina time (taking into account the amazingly fast one and a half year cycle); Ghost HourglassDS continued Windmill, adopted the predecessor style of cel-shaded; and connection between words recreated the map of his classic predecessor, Link to the past, "Breath of Wildlife 2“It seems to be no different; his graphics, as seen from the trailer, are almost indistinguishable from the one used in the first game. In addition, Khairul's quick glance reveals the same outstanding castle and green hills that defined BOTWLandscape. Link and Zelda even wear the same blue clothes as last time.

So, on the one hand, this is clearly a continuation.

But, as part of the mood, this first look offers a completely different kind of game. The trailer finds Link and Princess Zelda (who now wears shoulder-length hair, the symbolism of which This article well unpacks) with torches in hand, checks runes along the dark stone walls in the cave under the castle of Khairul. The black wicked anger that flowed from Calamity Gunon in the previous game seems to have completely disappeared on the surface, but remains active (albeit in a reduced volume) underground. The dried body, which the fans believe, is the corpse of Ganndorff (although it resembles one of the ancient monks who once would have congratulated Link to complete the construction of the temple), is depicted surrounded by tricks of anger. A neon bright hand cut off protrudes from his chest. His neck snaps toward the camera; his eyes glow orange. Above the earth, the earth trembles around Castle Khairul, and the birds fly away noisily.

In short, to quote Ikumi Nakamura, it's creepy,

Throughout its 33-year history, The Legend of Zelda has been a lot to many people. Major Mask it is terrifying with impressively bold central vanity. Wind it is an almost ageless, surprisingly open (and marshy) world. Link & # 39; s Awakening indelibly strange And "Breath of the Wild" is just as beloved as the fact that he accomplished the feat of lightning in a bottle that makes the research feel truly adventurous; as if everything can wait, just out of sight.

AT Wildlife Breathit seemed that everything is possible, largely because so much really was. If you were faced with a precipice, you could cut down a tree to bridge the abyss and go throughIf you need to scale an insurmountable barrier, you can blow yourself up, if you are wanted to kill a giant sand monster with a swarm of chickens, could you. Many small solutions with Hyrule BOTW feeling uniquely matured with potential.

But I played Wildlife BreathI spent hundreds of hours exploring its secluded corners; hunting for his extensive map in pursuit of the pursuit of the seeds and shrines of Korok and the dragon's lair through the many passages on both consoles on which it is released. The sense of adventure still remains – last week I used Link's stasis to push mine carts to a shrine that I had never seen before, and was rewarded with an unusually meaty series of puzzles – but I can never experience his world for the first time again.

That is why the teaser “Wild Breath 2” is so exciting. This continuation can be established in the same world as its predecessor, but this time the atmosphere is very different. Wildlife BreathThe colorful world invited players to explore its delightful world, but the horror of the trailer suggests Hyrule, which will put pressure on its players; where progress will be hard earned. The last game Nintendo Zelda conducted a comparison with Dark souls for the cool challenge of early bouts; the ease with which even low level enemies can send you to the “Game Over” screen. I would not be surprised if Breath of the Wild 2 will rely on Dark souls a direction encompassing horrific monsters and the depressing design of the world that define the software RPG. This is another way to make research exciting; making progress with difficulty conquered.

I suspect that, given the success BOTW and types of games that the development team plays"Breath of the Wild 2" will still remain a game with the open world. But this mood involves a world of terror, not surprise.

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